Monday, 21 March 2011

Review Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium ash/brown

About half a year ago I got an Anastasia treatment as you could see here and was pleased about it. I also bought her Brow Powder Duo back then and a few days ago, while using it, I realised I hadn't done a review on it yet! I use it almost daily and enjoy it a lot!

Create beautiful and natural brow effects with Anastasia’s Best-Selling Brow Powder Duo. This lightweight, sheer to medium coverage formula was designed to be smudge proof and comes with two shades per compact to ensure the perfect brow color.

This product is available in five two-tone shades for infinite shade possibilities:
Golden Blonde – Suggested for golden and strawberry blonde hair
Ash Blonde/Taupe – Suggested for light to dark blonde hair
Medium Ash/Medium Brown – Suggested for light to medium brown and silver hair
Brunette – Suggested for medium brown to dark brown hair
NEW Ebony – Suggested for dark brown to black hair
Strawburn – Suggested for auburn hair

The packaging is adorable, a small silver case with her signature "A" on top of it, how cute. When opening there's a little mirror available. On the back is some information such as weight, website, it says that it can be used untill 12 months after opening, but I think you could do longer with it. The colours appear a bit darker on the camera than in real life. You can clearly see that I've used it already a lot -especially the center part-, but there's still a lot of product left. This will definitely last me longer than just 1 year.

Because the colours look a bit off in the pan I tried making good swatches of them: left=left colour, middle=both colours mixed, right=right colour. I made the swatches quite intense, when applying it on your brows you will need less product. Before I begin applying brow powder, I always apply a little bit of eyeshadow base, Shadow Insurance in my case, on my brows to make the powder stay throughout the day. I mostly use the mixture of the colours for filling in empty parts in my brow and the left colour for the beginning of my brow. After applying I blend them a bit with a brow brush to make them less harsh and then I apply my Tweezerman browmousse.

To finish it a little before and after, using the brow powder... As you can see I have a few gaps where my brow begins and this powder fills it in nicely without overdoing it. It's really easy to apply, I love using it.

The goods: lovely packaging, 2colours for 1price, natural/easy in application, lasts a very long time

The bads: expensive (20-25euros)

Apart from the price, there isn't anything I dislike about this product. You can buy it in several stores or online from her webshop. If you live in Belgium, like me, you either have to go to the Netherlands or you can also buy it from a Dutch website that I've found (I haven't bought from them, but they offer Paypal).

Do you use Anastasia brow products or products from other brands?


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Dit is wel een mooi doosje!
Ik heb een wenkbrauwpoeder van TBS en dan nog een potlood van MAC en die lash & brow geld van Essence. Al moet ik zeggen dat ik op gewone dagen geen poeder/potlood gebruik, vooral uit luiheid, hihi!

CopyCat said...

love it but yest that is a bit expensive but this brand is well know to be good :D

Eef en Lot said...

Zo dat ziet er natuurlijk uit zeg! Super mooi resultaat! Mooie blog!


ps: Maybe you will follow us?

Evelien said...

Potlood vind ik moeilijker, maar ik wil wel eens een MAC proberen, schijnen erg naturel te zijn. De Essence gel klontert erg fel bij mij, jammer :(. Ik gebruik ook niet altijd poeder, maar als ik tijd heb probeer ik er toch aan te denken - mn wenkbrauwen zijn nogal ongelijk waar ze beginnen (de ene meer gaten dan de andere) en is niet het mooiste zicht...

Yes, it gets a lot of praise (which is why I went to check it out) but apart from expensive it's also hard to get here in Europe... Luckily it lasts me quite long :)

Evelien said...

Hey, dankjewel voor het compliment! Zal meteen eens gaan kijken!

Tamarah said...

Ik gebruik elke dag een wenkbrauwproduct, en ben recent overgestapt van poeder naar een potlood wat ik erg fijn vind in gebruik! :) Je wenkbrauwen zien er een stuk mooier / voller uit!

PinkFairy said...

ziet er goed uit! ik moet het ook eens een keer proberen.

Evelien said...

Is een goed idee, ben benieuwd wat je er van vindt!

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