Monday, 15 November 2010

Product Praise Tweezerman BrowMousse

Everyone has something about their brows: they are either too thick or too tiny, too wild or too invisible... We all have our discomforts. Myself I suffer from quite thick wild brows that absolutely need something to tame them. I used to use a brow gel from Essence but decided I wanted something better as I wasn't too pleased with it, it didn't stay put all day and clogged from time to time. So after some googling I ran into this Mousse from Tweezerman... I love my Slant Tweezer from this brand so I wanted to give this a try and at the same time had high hopes for it. Let's see if they were justified!

Ideal for getting a beautifully shaped brow line to stay put all day… or for taming “disobedient” unruly brows. The superior clear-gel formula smoothly styles and shapes without the flakes or gumminess of lesser quality brands. A favorite of top models and make-up artists for its precision, evenness and long-lasting wear.

Tips & Tricks: using the mascara-like wand, brush upward through brows to lift and shape. Formulated of the highest quality hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free ingredients, the feather-light application gently conditions as it shapes for a beautiful lasting look.

The packaging is simple and classic, so is the brush. When opening the product and inspecting the brush the mousse itself isn't very visible on the brush. This makes sure the product never cloggs, I've been using it for 2months now and haven't experienced any clogging with it. When applying it you definitely notice the mousse is there but it's not overwhelming. I take the brush out and apply it on both my eyebrows, no need for a refill as there's enough product on it. This is also a big plus, as it will last you quite long. I then wipe the brush clean on a towel/tissue because sometimes there's some of my foundation on it and I like to keep it hygienic. After a working day my brows are still in the same shape as in the morning, this product really delivers and has become an absolute necessity for me... On the back of the product it says its lasting time is 6months and the product is also fragrance-free. I'm so happy with this one I don't even want to botter looking for another mousse or gel, this is HG material!

- the BrowMousse in action -

The goods: stays put all day, no clogging, only tiny amount needed

The bads: none

The Browmousse is available in several stores (IciParis, Department stores) as well as online. I bought mine through feelunique who offer free shipping for 11-12euros. The price isn't an obstacle for me, it's medium range, I'm willing to spend this on a good product!


Eva's beautyblog said...

Oh, die ziet er fijn uit!
Ik ben eigenlijk nog op zoek naar een goede wenkbrauwgel ;-)

Evelien said...

Dan is deze wel een aanrader in mijn ogen!! Ga eens langs in IciParis, misschien hebben ze een tester!

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