Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review Zia Men eye cream SPF15

Sun care and wearing an SPF daily is really important to me. When using AHA's in your skin care routine, it is even more important as your skin becomes more vulnerable. Luckily there are plenty of moisturizers out there that have a build-in SPF, although in summer it's better to use another sun care item on top of that. Keep in mind that the SPF is always based on using a decent amount of the product and not just a dot. Apart from regular moisturizers, there are also eye moisturizers with a build-in SPF, they just are hard to find... I wish companies would invest more in eye SPF. If you don't have a sensitive eye area you can use your regular SPF moisturizer there, but that just doesn't work for me. I've tried a few eye SPF creams in the past, but none were to my likings. In my online investigation to finding more SPF eye creams, I came across this one and bought it from Iherb for 13$ (edit: it says discontinued on Iherbs website, but on the brands site everything is still ok - I've send an e-mail to check it) what a nice budget pricing for an eye cream.

Dual Protection Eye Cream SPF 15 is the first all natural men's eye cream to help reduce the appearance of fatigue by reducing dark circles under the eye area, while protecting from the sun's aging effects. Chrysin and Palmitoyl Oligopeptides work together to brighten skin and have been clincially shown to reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes by 62%.

So yeah, it says it's a mens eye cream but honestly - who cares? Skin care is unisex in my opinion. Cosmetics just invented "men's lines' to make more money out of it and men like the feeling that the line is specifically for them so they're not using a women's items or any pastel-like tubes/pots. This is spoken from a men's opinion, I have one wandering around the house and this is how they think?! Anyway, Zia is a natural brand that doesn't do animal testing and most products are reasonably priced. I like pump creams, they are the most hygienic and best in preserving ingredients. This pump contains 30g/1oz and that's a lot considering its price. Most eye creams only contain 10-15ml and are often highly priced. The orange colour doesn't appeal to me, but then again it's made to mens likings...

The product is very light, looks creamy at first but is more like a lotion. It has a light herbal scent that's pleasant. It sinks in really fast and leaves my skin moisturized. I do need quite a lot of it to get this effect (dry eye area as well), but because it sinks in fast this isn't a problem. I use about 2/3 of what I've put on my hand for one eye. I didn't notice my skin becoming brighter in my eye area. The SPF of 15 can be claimed, it contains the proper ingredients to this. The product also lasts quite a long time, I've been using it daily in the morning since september... 7 months wow so I'm thinking I'm almost through it :).

The goods: SPF, price, scent, sinks in fast, pump system, suitable for all skin types

The bads: need to use quite a lot, packaging isn't fancy

Overall, I really like this product. It's a good eye cream at a reasonable price with SPF. It doesn't irritate me and lasts a long time... Because of the texture, I think this is appropriate for all skin types. I recommend this one and hope I can still get my hands on it...!


CopyCat said...

sounds good and realistic pros/cons
thanks :D

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Hèhè, ja, de verpakking is echt gemaakt om mannen aan te trekken :)

Evelien said...

You're welcome!!

Hehe ja volkomen afzichtelijk...

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