Thursday, 17 March 2011

MUFE says no retouche!

Yesterday my bf was browsing some news posts and came across something interesting. With every beautyrelated item he just calls me to check whether I'm in on the new stuff... But I wasn't and gladly share it with you girls!

Make up for ever, a well-known brand is taking a different walk on commercials and decided to release their new campaign without any photoshop adding. The catch behind is that their new HD make-up works so well, when taking a picture you won't need retouching. Good pitch, I have to grant them that at least... The picture from above looks very good though, I love her make-up...

Another picture, where you can see some 'minor' flaws, but still a lovely and natural looking look, I don't like the "polished" commercial pictures. Keep their site on a close watch, there are more pictures available (along with the list of products used in each picture) and you will -soon- also have the opportunity to zoom in to check the effect from up close - nice! Off course they still use gorgeous models and so on, but at least it's a start and I can only cheer this on.

What do you think of it?


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ziet er goed uit!! En fijn dat ze eens een niet zo gephotoshopte foto gebruiken!

G A B Y said...

Wow, it was about time! Cheers for MUFE!

snooze said...

Dit juich ik alleen maar toe!

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