Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Review By Terry Lumière Veloutée

By Terry is probably the most luxurious brand from which I own products... I ran into it thanks to a fashion forum and I enjoy using a product of her from time to time. It's a high-high-end brand, meaning expensive. I got a sample of this foundation and loved it so much I bought it about a year ago...

This radiance-revealing foundation with a matte finish, which camouflages wrinkles and fades dark spots, sculpts the face with ingenious corrective coverage.

Its double anti-dullness and anti-blemish power offers a luminous, visibly rested, perfectly even and corrected complexion. Direction to use: with fingertips or with the help of FOUNDATION BRUSH PRECIOSION N°6, apply a few touches on curved areas of the face and stretch the texture onto the entire face.

The packaging is drop-dead-gorgeous and so it should be for its price (between 60-70euros, so try to catch it in discount when it's 30% off or so). The gold cap, the gold pump, the beautifull letters, the milk glass bottle - it's a picture perfect don't you think? The pump works easy in dispensing and you can also take it off to get the rest of the product out of it when it's getting empty. The bottle contains 30ml of product.

Initially I bought colour 3 natural beige (left) in the summer, but in the winter I need colour 2 flesh beige (right). Colour 2 is a very neutral colour that will suit most fair skin tones, I mostly have a hard time finding a colour that suits me and this does it perfectly! Colour 1 is called ultra fair and has a very pink undertone to it. There are a total of 8 shades available. As you can see it's well pigmented and provides a decent coverage in the swatches. It looks very liquid and creamy, but after blending it in, it leaves a more powdery finish. It also has a flowery scent to it, it's very light and doesn't disturb me but gives a nice touch to the luxurious feeling...

Now the fullface or sideface?
On the left: nothing, just my skin and on the right 1 layer of Lumiere Veloutee in 2 flesh beige.
You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I have a bit of redness and some tiny spots that need coverage and this foundation does that perfectly. This is one of those picture-foundations, which makes your skin look amazing when photographed. I have dry skin and I really need a moisturizing base when I use this foundation, otherwise it gets cakey during the day. Luckily you only need a small amount of this foundation to get an evened out skin tone, I've had my bottle for a year now and I use it quite regularly when I go out, have a special occasion etc. Sometimes it works a bit clogging on me on my nose-area, but that depends on how my skin is feeling.

The goods: gorgeous packaging, good coverage, matching skin colour, don't need much product

The bads: PRICE, not moisturizing enough for dry skin

To sum it up: this is a good foundation, especially when used for pictures BUT it is very expensive and it's up to you whether you're willing to spend on it - there are similar high end foundations with more or less the same effect. If it was more moisturizing I would probably repurchase this whenever I run out of it. This foundation is best suited for normal to more oily skin tones because of the powdery finish. If you have dry skin like me and want to use it, use something very moisturizing underneath. I really hope By Terry plans on making a more moisturizing foundation in the future, I'd be on the front row to purchase it!!


Phil said...

Het heeft precies niet zoveel effect als ik de 2 foto's vergelijk. Enkel onder je ogen zie je wat verschil maar voor de rest is je huid toch op zich al prachtig.

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik ben nu wel heel benieuwd naar deze foundation. Ik vind het wel een mooi effect hebben, hoewel je inderdaad al een goede huid hebt zonder foundation! :)

Evelien said...

Dankje Phil, via de vergroting zie je wel wat meer maar mn huid valt inderdaad goed mee. Twee jaar geleden was het wel anders, heb hier en daar wat littekens en kleine vlekjes maar door goed gebruik van AHA's is ze al goed opgeknapt!!

Nog eens dankje :). Het effect fotografeert gewoon zo mooi. Ik zou in Hasselt een staaltje eens vragen, kun je het zelf uitproberen want het is te prijzig om zo te kopen. Ik hou van luxueuze foundation, goedkopere merken zien er echt bagger uit bij me :(, ik heb nog een andere favoriet van Chanel waar ik ook nog over moet schrijven... Maar ik koop vooral tinted moisturizers omdat die meer voeding hebben en ik maar weinig dekking nodig heb.

Anonymous said...

you do NOT need a foundation! so envious of your skin : (

Evelien said...

Thanks littlelucy :). I don't use foundation often (hence to why the bottle lasts me so long) and hardly ever use concealer, I mostly use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. But when I have a party or something like that, I use foundation on my cheek areas. That's the only place I need some coverage because they tend to get reddish from time to time. A good skin care regime has definitely improved my overall skin tone, I've had my share of skin problems in the past though so I'm very pleased with how it looks nowdays.

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