Monday, 31 January 2011

Review Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm

Rosebud is probably one of the most famous producers of lip balm, it's less known in Europe but recently it has become available in several stores so the knowledge will surely spread... I have two lip balms of theirs: the original one and this strawberry one. I like all red fruit: strawberries, cherries, etc I adore the smell - I enjoy eating it, I think you got the picture!

Introduced by G.F.Smith's grandson Allen in the 1960s, Strawberry Lip Balm is our number two seller, this product is formulated to aid in protecting and moisturizing the lips, cuticles, and elbows from the drying effects of the weather. The aroma of Strawberry Shortcake attracts Hollywood Celebrities, Skiers, and Sun Worshipers alike.

I love how these tins look, so retro and adorable. They open easily and contain 22g of product. The balm itself is pink and smells like strawberries but at the same time artificial, which is not to my likings. This could be because of the tin but I can't tell for sure. It applies easily and leaves your lips with a transparant film that feels a bit greasy at first. Key is not to use too much. The texture of the balm varies a lot depending on the room's temperature, this balm benefits from a warmer room for an easier application. It is also supposed to be moisturizing but it didn't feel so to me, if my lips are sensitive or dry - this doesn't do any good. I mainly use it for a quick touch-up or when I want to have 'something' on.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend this balm, if you want to try it - go with the original version, which is much better. You can buy it online for 4-5euros, it's also available in stores but at the price of 10euros. This isn't much in comparison to the amount of product you receive, the tin is sure to last you a long time!

Which is your favourite Rosebud?
Sunday, 30 January 2011

Avon haul & a little sale

Time again for another haul, recently I've been behaving myself and haven't bought much new stuff. Even my bf noticed it and acted surprised. But safe to say, a girl cannot have too many polishes...

I bought 2 holiday collection polishes: Golden Twilight (black with gold shimmer) and Golden Wine (a deep red with gold shimmer). These aren't my 'normal colours' but I wanted to give them a go. I like Avon's polishes, they have a variable colour range and are easy in usage.

And then I also bought some eyeliners, called Glimmerstick Diamonds because there is a bit of shimmer in it, this is one of their top selling products. I bought 4 colours: black, brown, grey and purple. But as you can see there are 5 sticks in the picture. I accidentally ordered the purple one two times, if anyone is interested I'm reselling it for 4euros and it can be shipped in an envelope....

Enjoy the rest of the sunday!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Review Estée Lauder Intense softening lotion

Estée Lauder = luxurious! Shockingly, this is acutally the first Estée Lauder skin care item I used in my whole life. Let's see if it's worth its money...

I love the box with the gold and grey, the packaging is just screaming: "keep me". And so I did, I'm such a sucker for nice packaging, not that I ever do anything with it or look at it particular long. I just can't bring myself to throw it away when I begin using a product... I'm weak, I know.

I bought it because I was looking for a decent and moisturizing toner with good ingredients, this one gets a lot of good reviews and praises but it comes with a cost. I wanted to allow myself a little splurge and bought it for 40euros I believe and I've been using it for 4months now. It's a plastic bottle with a goldlike dop on it.

This wonderfully pampering toning lotion removes surface impurities while it perfects skin's surface—smoothing, softening and refreshing.Flecked with elemental gold, and with a luxuriously silky texture, it leaves skin with an invisible veil of moisture and helps maintain the optimum oil/moisture balance.

The toner has a lot of golden parts in it, they are visible inside the bottle but also when you put them on a cotton pad. However, in application they don't become noticeable so it didn't disturb me at all. This is probably Estées idea of luxurious. There's no smell to it, when looking at the ingredient list fragrance is also on the lowest part, this makes sense - I prefer no smell to heavy fragrance any day. Apart from the gold (it's really on the list, go see!) and the tiny bit of fragrance there are no irritating ingredients in this toner. The texture is liquid (surprise...) but thicker than other toners I've used in the past.

I use this toner after cleansing my face: I pour a bit of it on top of a cotton pad and pat/rub it gently on my face (you can also use it around your eye area). I immediately noticed the moisturizing ability of this toner: for once my skin didn't feel particular dry after finishing with the pad. Apart from that, it also feels refreshing as most toners do. After having used it for quite some time my skin definitely looked and felt better, it made my skin more glowy and that's always a good thing. However, with the winter and the cold my sensitive skin sometimes becomes even more sensitive and on those days this toner is irritating and stings a bit on my cheeks and mouth area. I only experienced this on the days when my skin really felt sensitive, which was about 15% of the time since I began using it. This is quite the turnoff for me, because on all other levels, I really like this product.

The goods: moisturizing, improves your skin with a glow, low on fragrance (good ingredients)

The bads: expensive price, can be irritating

Overall, I still like this product and would recommend it to those who don't have sensitive skin. I also read that if you're sensitive to jewelry, you should be carefull with this. If you want to try it, get a sample to be safe... The biggest obstacle on this product definitely is its price - it's Estée Lauder you know. Let's face it: it's expensive BUT it is so far the best toner I've ever used. Personally I wouldn't buy it again because my skin sometimes reacts to it and I don't like that feeling. I will continue my search and hopefully I'll come across something even better...

Toner recommendation - do tell!!
Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Feelunique haul

Feelunique has become one of my favourite online shopping sites, delivery is quick - within a week -, no shipping costs, decent prices and some time ago they had an extra 20% off coupon code which I had to use... Let's have a look at my purchases!

A Clarins one step cleanser: Clarins is one of those brand that I often come across but haven't used a lot - yet. I've heard that their cleansers are supposed te be very gentle and such, so I'm curious! Next to it a brush cleanser from bareMinerals, my brush cleanser from Shu Uemura is starting to run out and this spray looked very promising. I only use this type of brush cleansers when I don't have a lot of time or when I need another colour on the same brush. It's just convenient to have available.

And a bit more hair care... A few months ago I purchased some Joico products and after using them for the last months I fell in love, I'm quite amazed at the outcome of my hair (a review on the K Pak line from Joico is coming soon) and wanted to try more from this fabulous brand. So I purchased the Silk Result Conditioner, the K-Pak Intense Hydrator (which I already had but a back-up now) and the Body Luxe Foam for more volume.

Hope you like my new things, I know I do!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Review Sigma -short- eye shading brush E55

Yet another Sigma brush, this time the Eye shading brush called E55 with natural bristles. I've been using this one for half a year now and still enjoy using it... Defintely one of their better brushes as well.

Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles.

I mainly use this brush for colors on my eyelid or highlighting my eyebrows or inner corner of my eyes, it's a decent brush for these 3 jobs. It picks up the color nicely and lets you build up the intensity as much as you want. I've already washed it a lot and the bristles dry easily and stay in shape. The bristles are soft and still very dense, which makes this a good brush in my eyes.

It costs 9$ on the Sigma website, this is called the short shader. It's also available in the large shader version and medium angled shader version, with the same kind of bristles. I'm definitely interested in purchasing the other 2 versions of this brush, because I like this one a lot. Cheap and effective brushes, what more can we ask for?
Monday, 24 January 2011

Review Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum

The last few years I've really been into serums. Before I didn't care much and only slapped on moisturizer, I didn't know any better. Nevertheless when getting older, it's important to add a serum to your routine as it has a concentrated amount of antioxidants that will benefit your skin. When looking for a serum I want it to brighten my skin tone and fight signs of aging - which are most serums goals. Mario Badescu released this serum about a year ago and it was getting a lot of praise and claimed to fulfill my needs, so I gave it a go... It's called their Vitamin C serum, a name that sounds like music to my ears!

Antioxidant Vitamin C protects skin from free radicals and is essential in collagen production. This Vitamin C Serum contains 7.5% Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to reduce discoloration and brighten skin. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to retain skin's natural moisture and Collagen to enhance skin's firmness and elasticity. How to Use: Apply 2-3 drops on clean skin avoiding eye area every other night. May be used under a moisturizer or alone.

The bottle contains 29ml and can be purchased from various webshops, I paid around 40euros for it, so I consider it to be a more pricy serum but not too outrageous as other luxurious brands. It's a green glass bottle with a droppersystem. It's not seethrough which is important to me to maintain the ingredients in it. I only preferred it had a pumpsystem to a dropper.

The ingredients list as seen below looks very promising in the beginning with a good base -glycol- and vitamin c. The only downside is the last ingredient on the list, lavender extract, as this can be irritating and damaging to the skin. Because it's the last ingredient and in a very tiny amount present I was still keen on trying it.

The serum itself is yellow and feels quite greasy at first. It sinks fast into your skin but it leaves a more oily finish. It also has a peculiar smell, a bit medicine-like, I'm not a fan of it at all. I've been using it for several months and it didn't irritate me or cause any breakouts. In the first month of usage I noticed a lot of improvement in my skins texture and a few acne scars/discolorations were fading. However, the next few months my skin remained the same and didn't improve anymore. The expiry date on the bottle when opening it is 3months and this may be a bit too accurate. Because of the dropper system the ingredients are exposed to air every time when using it and I believe this was the cause to it.

My boyfriend also used this serum for a few days as he had some discolorations as well, but it resulted in lots of breakouts. He stopped using it and tried it again after a week, the breakouts came back, so it was definitely the serum causing it.

The goods: results are soon visible, only a tiny amount needed to cover entire face

The bads: high price, weird smell, ingredients are not long preserved, lavender works irritating and can cause breakouts

Overall I was amazed at first by this serum but afterwards I was more dissapointed than amazed. It's too expensive for the time it delivers on its promises. It can also be irritating for the skin, which is always a negative to me - even if my skin doesn't react to it. I wouldn't repurchase this or recommend it to anyone. If Mario Badescu decided to change the ingredients a tiny bit and change it into a pumpsystem, this would be an amazing serum! If you have a favourite serum, feel free to share...
Thursday, 20 January 2011

Godiva, hello multiple usage!

Candy and sweets, who doesn't like them? Safe to say everyone enjoys them from time to time. So when we recently got a little present at work for achieving some kind of goals, I was thrilled and even more when I saw the packaging...

It's a chocolate box from Godiva Chocolatier, supposed to be a quite famous and one of the more expensive brands of chocolate. As you can see the box is quite big and the fabric is velvet, I love it so much!! It looks so luxurious...

When opening the top you have little boxes with drops of heaven in it; but wait there's more.

There's also some kind of drawer that has tiny chocolates in them underneath with different percentages of cacao in them mmmm delicious...

Once emptied, this box will become my new jewelry box, it's perfect for earrings and rings and such. It's actually quite hard to find a decent jewelry box with seperate boxes in it. If you have a Godiva chocolatier near you, check out this box, it's gorgeous and worth a little bit of money but I have no idea how much it would be...
Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A different kind of hauling!

On today's menu: a whole different kind of haul...

I bought a new cellphone, yessss! It was about time 'cause my old one was starting to look like it belonged in the stone age! It was also getting diseases such as low battery and not working for days in a row to spontaneously recover afterwards. As you all know there's no cure whatsoever, it's just a matter of time...
I bought the Nokia E5, I've always been a fan of Nokia - I like their style and practicallity. This one is quite new to the range and has been getting some good reviews as well. First I was doubting to get a Blackberry, but when I saw this one I was sold. I got a nice discount, which was more than 1/3 of the price.

It also has a good camera, always nice to take pictures on the spot, you never know what I might encounter...

If you feel passionate about your cellphone, feel free to share...
Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Review Avon senses Enchanted shower crème

I -mostly- like Avons bath and shower stuff *dang, surprised you there, didn't I?*, they have such lovely scents available. New scents are regularly released and whilst rubbing your wrist over the paper in the catalogue the scent catches your skin and you get a good idea of what it's like in real life. This is how I acquired this shower crème: it was released a few months ago, their "Enchanted" scent picturing a rainforest. I immediately loved it and ordered the small bottle of 250ml for 2 or 3euros.

It's a plastic assymetric bottle with a green top. The top opens easily and distributes the creme like it should. The creme has a velvet green colour and thick texture. But more important is the scent and yes, it is exactly what I pictured it to be. It has a sweet and yet tropical scent, it's hard to describe but this is one of the best scents I've ever used in bath in my life!!

Now, if it is so superb and all, why didn't I give it a Product Praise? Mainly because I use this crème a bit differently than it's intented. It's a shower crème, meaning to be used in the shower like a shower gel but only with a thicker and more moisturizing texture. However, I've been using it as a bath crème. It does foam up nicely, leaving me with lots of bubbles and smells delicious!

Negatives are the ingredients: SLS is second on the list - hence the foaming up, and alcohol denatol is halfway the ingredients list causing it to be drying for your skin. This is really dissapointing, because I'm very fond of the scent. I'm still contemplating whether I'll repurchase it or not...
Have you every come across a scent you adored but where the product was too dissapointing?
Monday, 17 January 2011

Mylène haul

Today just a quickie, got a busy lovely weekend with the bf :), I finally got a hold on my goods from a Mylène evening from a couple of weeks ago, mainly because of snow and freezing stuff. I'm still exploring their range but have already come across a few destined to be all-time-favourites:

*original oil: supposedly one of their best products, especially for dry skin which will revive and nurture your skin - even your hair if the claims are true, we'll see about that
*bain de rose: which I've already talked about and love (I'm almost out of my old one)
*foot scrub: I bought one last year and it's one of the best scrubs I've ever used, I use it once a week - it makes my feet so soft, I still have a bit left in my old one - will be putting up a review of thise one soon (such a shame it's in a jar)
*not on the picture but I also bought this: a pillow mist with a herbal scent for a dreamy good night

Have you purchased/used anything from Mylène in the meantime?
Saturday, 15 January 2011

Beautypedia - free!

The beautyworld can often be compared to politics. Every brand as a party is doing their campaign and wants as many voices as possible. To influence these voices they use all sort of claims, going from halftruths to crazy stuff. So we have to be carefull on which claims we trust and put our hope into... Sadly enough the beautyworld is a crowded place in which you get lost easily, because of the lack of guidance...

This is where Paula Begoun comes in: years ago she decided to put down reviews of products and see whether their claims hit ground because we, consumers, are often in the dark. Over the years she has grown more and more, releasing her reviews and knowledge in books such as the one above. It contains a massive amount of information going from ingredients to skin types to brands and lots of reviews... I also have a copy of this book (took the pic from a dutch blog) and can honestly state I've learned a lot from it. Her reviews are mostly based on the ingredients of a product.

She also has a website called beautypedia where you can read these reviews online, normally it's only available for members who pay a fee but now it's FREE untill the end of february. Be sure to check upon your favorite products and see whether she finds them worthy too!

On a sidenote: don't trust her advice blindly (she also has her own skincare line, which she promotes). It's nice and interesting to check upon her opinions but everyone still has different skin which reacts differently. If you feel truly good about a product, don't hold back by what you might read.
Friday, 14 January 2011

Loving a discount haul

In January it's discount-time and I couldn't resist off course so I picked up a few things :)

A shirt in veil, which is surely more appropriate for spring but it was on 50% discount in Esprit so I felt like I needed it badly. It's gorgeous in real life with shades of blue, purple, green and pink in it. I don't owe a shirt in veil yet, but it feels very light and easy to wear.

Next up I also paid a visit to IciParis, the perfume store. I had gotten a 7,5euros discount coupon if I got for 60euros of products. I've been meaning to test out the CP serum by Estee Lauder for some time (it isn't specifically anti-aging, it just contains a lot of antioxidants - don't let names misguide you) and went for that one, but it costed 58euros so I also picked up a body lotion from the stores line in pomegrenate for a few euros. Quite expensive, so it better be worth it :)

What have you bought this month on discount?
Thursday, 13 January 2011

Review Avon Supershock eyeliner - bronze

A topic I hadn't covered yet - oh no shame on me - how could I! But here I am, totally making it up to you and talking a bit about eyeliner... Personally, I don't always wear eyeliner - not a specific reason for it now that I think about it, I usually forget to apply it. When putting it on I have to be quite carefull because of my contacts, maybe that's a partial reason to it.

I bought this Avon Supershock (gel) eyeliner in bronze 2 months ago when I saw it being promoted in a catalogue for 5 or 6euros, it's a gorgeous golden brown. I did some research online and learned that it was often recommended, which was enough for me to order.

It looks like any other eyeliner, though it appears to be a bit thicker. At the end of the pencil are silver letters such as the brand, name and lasting time (24months). Looks fancy enough for me.

When I first used this eyeliner I was a bit shocked, it was very creamy and very pigmented. The swatch on my hand are 2 light strokes or 1 heavy stroke. The colour is gorgeous, brown with golden sparkles in it that aren't too much for a daily look... Sadly enough, the sparkles don't get picked up by the camera, check this look for a more accurate view of this eyeliner. It applies easily and stays put all day long without any trouble, I love that it doesn't fade.

I've already had to sharpen the pencil a few times and this is the downside to it: because it is creamy it's difficult to get a sharp "pencil" end to it and this dissapears after 2 days of usage. Then you get an end like in the picture above, which is quite thick and trickier to apply. I prefer a thin line and that's not easy with such a big end.

The goods: beautifull colour, creamy, pigmented, price is ok

The bads: hard to keep in proper shape for a thin line, tricky to apply

Apart from the tiny downside I'm a fan of this eyeliner, I love the colour a lot. I'll surely be looking for a dupe when this one will start to run out. This eyeliner is also available in black and silver, which I recently bought (but haven't used just yet!). If you use a similar colour to this eyeliner, do let me know...
Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Award, who, me?

I got this award from Martje, who blogs about beauty - what else could it be? Thanks for thinking of me! This award means I have to share 7 things about myself, which wasn't easy to pick, and pass this award on, well here it goes:

1) I'm a cold person and I mean this literally: I'm always cold, only exceptions are when the temperature goes up to 30degrees, then I can wear a t-shirt and feel comfortable. Over the years I've grown used to it, though my boyfriend finds it really funny. When I go to bed early I put on my electric blanket -an hour in advance- and afterwards when he crawls next to me he says I'm still icy, he often doubts whether I have blood streaming through my veins or not.

2) I love computer games, especially playstation games. This may seem odd for a girl but I've always had an interest in computers and games, my father encouraged this off course. I mostly play role playing games such as final fantasy or fighters where you have to kick butt. Oddly enough my boyfriend isn't that interested in computer games.

3) I wear contacts, as some may already know, but actually I'm quite blind. My contacts are around -7 and -8 which is a lot and without glasses I only see shades. Both my parents wear glasses and I had to when I was 6years old, it wasn't something I enjoyed at all. Over the years, because of my growth and hormons, my vision has gotten worse. The last few years it has been quite stable, so I wanted them lasered but that's not possible because my vision is too bad, there are other options however but I have to go on check-up first before they can discuss it.

4) I love -highschool- chick movies that are very lame and stupid such as high school musical, legally blonde and all that fits into that category, but they make me smile so much... I need my weekly dosis of easy humor!

5) I don't have a lot of hobbies but one that occupies me a lot is my dog, who I play agility with. Agility is an outdoor sport where you have a course with obstacles on which you have to guide your dog through. I play it quite intense: from may onwards till september we (almost always) have 2 competitions each weekend, meaning I leave home at 7am and return at 7-8pm. During the week we have one training. I play in the 3rd group, which is the highest group you can get into and we have already won quite a lot with Belgian Champion being our best. I'm very proud of her and we have such an intense bond together.

6) I don't want children. I've been feeling this way since, well ever and only few people understand that, luckily one of those few is my boyfriend. Lately a lot of babies have been born in our surrounding, family and friends and I often get pointed to as to "when can we expect one of yours", "never" doesn't always fit in their books and I get a weird look. Everyone claims this will change in the future, they said the same thing 5years ago and so far nothing has changed. But off course, you never know, I just don't see or feel it.

7)I'm a book wurm, for as long as I can remember I've enjoyed reading and got a lot of books as presents during birthdays and so on, I had whole shelves full. When reading I'm completely in my own world and hardly aware of anything around me. I'm always visualising what I'm reading and get soaked up in it. It's hard to stop reading in a book, mostly I just want to go on and finish it. I mostly read fantasy and novels, in Dutch and English. If I really really like a book or a series I often reread it multiple times.

Next, I'm giving this award to anyone who enjoyed reading this and wants to do it theirselves, please leave a link below then so I can read it! Nevertheless I picked a few blogs that haven't received this award yet, enjoy!
Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Review Cetaphil cleanser

Ever since my skin has become more and more dry I've been on the lookout for a new cleanser, one that doesn't irritate my sometimes sensitive skin. So far I've come across cleansers that are just so-so and fine but none that wowed me over... I came across this cetaphil cleanser in an IU-store while browsing new skin care products and decided to give it a go, it's a well-known -classic old- brand that gets quite the praise around the net.

Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser is great for daily makeup removal. Originally formulated for dermatologists, this cleanser is gentle on your skin and sensitive to your skin’s needs. Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser will not strip the skin of natural protective oils or emollients, or disturb the skin’s natural pH balance. Recommended for years by dermatologists, it is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser is gentle enough for children, teens and adults.

The packaging is very basic and simple, yet again, I like simplistic packaging what can I say? This is the 200ml plastic bottle that you have to squeak, but they also offer a 500ml one with a pump. The cleanser is a white cream-gel that has absolutely no scent at all, it doesn't contain perfume. When using it, it doesn't foam up so you need a bit more than with any other cleanser. This products spreads easily and cleanses without any trouble. It doesn't irritate me in any way or make my cheeks turn red. Afterwards I remove the gel with a wet washing cloth and my skin feels nicely refreshed without feeling heavily cleaned (sensitive skin will recognize this feeling!).

However, the product isn't all glorious: it isn't the best product to remove make-up even though it claims it will do so. If you wear make-up you will need to use a seperate make-up remover before using this cleanser. On a side-note: this cleanser is intented for people with normal to dry skin, they also offer another one for oily skin but I don't know if it's available in Europe. The price is also nice enough: around 10euros for 200ml and around 500ml for 20euros.

The goods: great for sensitive skin, cleanses, good price, ingredients (no perfume - alcohol)

The bads: doesn't do well on make-up removal

I really really like this product, this is the first cleanser that never irritates my skin or makes it turn red. I mostly use it in the morning or combined with a make-up remover, and then this is pure love. I've heard mixed feelings about this cleanser, either you like it or you don't - however if you have normal to dry and/or sensitive skin, do try this, it's totally worth a shot! I'm almost out of my 200ml bottle and will surely buy the bigger version...

Monday, 10 January 2011

Budget Review Yves Rocher shower gel - florida orange

Everyone has their little shopping guilty pleasure thing, one of mine is shower gels... It has gone a bit too far, I've decided to put myself on a ban and am not allowed to buy any more shower gels untill I only have 1 or 2 left. Honestly, I probably have enough shower gels to use throughout this entire year... So far I'm succeeding and have almost finished this one - which I got as a freebie in the store -, one down only 5 or so more to go!!

Enjoy a moment of refreshing, stimulating pleasure under the shower with this gel!Florida oranges are renowned for their sweet, abundant juice. This delightful gel forms a lush lather, bursting with the energizing freshness of sunkissed oranges.When temperatures rise, refresh yourself with this invigorating scent!After the shower, your skin is soft and supple and imbued with the delicious scent of Florida Orange.

The packaging is simple and plastic with on orange top and sticker with oranges on it, nothing too fancy but nothing I didn't expect from a budget gel anyway. The lid doesn't open easily, this is a bit of a turnoff, after more usage it goes a bit better. Distribution of the -orange- gel is easy with the tiny hole in the top, with a good squeak you get enough of product for your entire body. It smells a lot like oranges but there's a tiny artificial scent to it when you sniff the bottle, but it doesn't disturb me while using it. The ingredient list looks good: doesn't contain alcohol - which is often the case with budget items - or parabens, however it does contain sulfates.

I've been using it for the last couple of weeks and it gets the job done: it cleanses your body but apart from that it doesn't do anything else such as add moisture or whatever claim you choose. Just a basic gel like I expected. As I mentioned above, I got this one as a freebie - if you want to buy it in the store it costs about 2-3euros for 200ml. But they do offer it often as a freebie with purchase if you're interested.

The goods: price, ingredients, does what a shower gel must do

The bads: opening lid, hint of artificial scent

I would buy this gel again, but in a different scent then. This orange one was ok but it didn't wow me over. If you like budget items and shower gels,you should check out this line - I'm sure you'll find something to your likings!
Friday, 7 January 2011

I won, I won, I won - did I mention I won?

Yes, I did -I never seem to win anything so this came as a total surprise-!! I won a hair care package on a Dutch beautyblogg called beautylab. To win it you had to figure out a new name for the brand MischaRocks, which is a modern Dutch hairdressers brand that's been trying to find its place in the last months. I came up with the name Jazz and my own philopshy behind it. A week later I heard that I won and this week I finally -after some blizzards and snow storms you know- received it!

Now, honestly, I did not get everything in the picture :). I got the pro hy shampoo, the pro hy reconstructor, the gel mousse and the funky paste - all full sized bottles. MischaRocks divides her hair care into 4 steps or fases, I'm really curious to try these products... If you know them and have tested them, let me know your thoughts!!
Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Never again: Sigma small stippling brush SS188 or F55

Let's continue with the sigma brushes review list shall we... I've talked about the goods and the bads so far, today I'm going to talk about their small stippling brush, the SS188 which has been renamed to F55. And again I face the fact that Sigma -sadly- has hit and miss brushes.

A flat-topped, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of any formula colour – fluid, cream, powder or pigment.

This one however is a huge miss and I'll explain why! When I received it, it looked perfectly nice and felt very soft, I could use it without any trouble and liked it. But then I washed it and noticed the black hairs were leaking colour, anyway, still no problem as the brush looked perfectly fine and was just as nice in usage. But after a few more washes the horror began, the black colour got caught up on the white bristles (see above). I've tried several ways of cleaning it as well as multiple cleaning but the colour remains and even gets worse. If you think that's bad, then hold on: when applying cream blush the black colour comes off and leaves your lovely pink blush with a dark blackened undertone...

This brush is intented to be used with liquid/cream products so this problem shouldn't occur but -unfortunately- it did. Maybe I got a wrong batch, I don't know - hey sigma, if you read this send me a new one will you - as there is no way I'm paying for one.

Nevertheless I wouldn't recommend this brush to anyone ever! Myself, I've ordered a MAC stippling brush, as I'm quite sure that one won't have this problem!!
Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The first haul of the new year :)

Let's start 2011 with some eye candy, shall we...

First up: my order from Coastal Scents came in with on the above picture the pink palette, it was -pink- love at first sight...

Also the 28neutral palette - I already have the 88 warm palette (which I like and use a lot) but this one contains mostly shimmers and the neutral one doesn't, hence my reason for choosing it. I don't want to bling every day of the year you know. An ideal palette for light looks but it can also help with the occasional smokey eye!

And I also popped into Kruidvat for some polishes as Catrice was on sale, 2 voor 4euros. I picked up "Be my millionaire" and "From dusk to dawn", once again lovely colours to wear in winter!

Have you already bought something in the new 2011?


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