Monday, 27 February 2012

Serge Lutens & Belgium

A few months ago I bought my first Serge Lutens & I have been hooked ever since... I now have 2 of them, which both smell divine. The only problem with Serge Lutens is that it was only available in Antwerp / Brussels where I live, Belgium (yes, you know, that tiny little country). But now....
it has become more & more available as one of Belgiums biggest perfume houses is also selling it in selected stores of theirs. Off course I'm talking about IciParisXL. Yes, they do offer Serge Lutens since not too long, but not every store has it. I know one in Hasselt does, which is close to where I live, so guess what I'm going to do next time I go shopping?

Yesssss, got that right, sniffing me some perfume and maybe buying one? Maybe or certainly?

Serge Lutens perfume costs around 70euros for 50ml
Thursday, 23 February 2012

Haul from Paula

Last month I did quite a big Paula's Choice order, because of an additional 15% discount on your entire order. If you check my HG page you'll notice I have already found a few favourites from her products, so I grabbed those & off course a few other things to try out... while we're at it!
2% BHA lotion: I already have the 1% which I'm nearly running out of and it's a really good product but I think I will get better results with this stronger version... I only use it on certain parts of my face every few days and it has performing like I wanted it to.
I already tried the toner once and liked it but found it a bit small (177ml) in comparison to the price you're paying, however, I now bought a spray to go along with it for summer and will see how that goes because I like the product.
Lastly, 2 favourite moisturizers of mine which are the hydrating mask & hydrating cream, which I both use as night cream. This is my 3rd or 4th time purchasing these, great value for its money.
With this winter I'm also noticing my body is in desperate need of more moisture. I do tend to neglect it from time to time when getting out of bath, being lazy and not slapping on a lotion is wrong but I'm trying. I bought the BHA and AHA from her. The BHA because I do get ingrown hair and a few bumps from time to time, which this product claims to solve. And the AHA because I have a few scars that I would like to see gone and what better way is there to it than exfoliating?

More hauls are coming, oh boy, I'm buying too much stuff again :)!
Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wishlist du colour... flats!

You might -understatement much- have noticed that this spring/summer bright colours are the next big thing, yes, it's true. Wearing the brightest brights is all there is to it. And I must admit, after such a long & cold winter I'm craving for summer and some colour.

Fornarina                              -                                 Guess

Replay                                    -                     Nicky Vankets

I've come across lots of nice shoes, all ballet flats due to me needing to walk a lot, what do you think? (In case you're wondering I've also come across nice clothing, but that's a whole lot more)
Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's day...

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine's day... I hope you are able to spend it with the ones you love. And remember, it should be Valentine every single day, not just this particular day of the year. Let the people whom you love in your life know what they mean to you - you never know what the future might bring.
Lots of hugs and kisses for all my readers, you truly alll are the best!
Friday, 10 February 2012

Hauling: small, smaller, smallest!

You may have noticed my amount of hauling has diminished - a lot - these past months! At some point you just have too much stuff... or should I say you realise you do so you try to finish some up... But as of lately I'm back on the wagon and I have ordered several lovely items. Today we are starting with a few things from Avon, a small start to begin with...
To start with their newest mascara called Supershock Max. Then a red polish called "Real Red", since I didn't have a deep red polish yet and it can look so classy - I just needed it. And to finish a body spray (actually I use it as a room spray because it contains alcohol) in Milk & honey, smelling delicious... Just a few items, but they bring a smile to my face and let's face it, that's what shopping is all about!
Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Never again Louis Widmer Facial Freshener

Toners & I are a story that doesn't seem to find a happy ending... Or they are too expensive or have horrible packaging or are just horrible, either way - I haven't find the perfect one yet - perfect being refreshing, soothing, not too expensive but finding those 3 qualities seems like mission impossible?! I have come across a few close calls, but that's it for now. This one by Louis Widmer, I had high hopes for: not too expensive, without alcohol, without scent - it should have been perfect but it is far from it...
The refreshing Facial Freshener is suitable for all skin types. It supplements the skin cleansing. Biostimulines are efficacious moisturizers and have a high potential for water retention. Panthenol and aloe vera soothe irritated skin. Creams applied afterwards penetrate better and their active substances are more easily absorbed.
The packaging is really simple & pink, always a plus. It's not a spray but with a small hole to be used with a cotton pad. I don't prefer a spray or cotton pad, I can work both ways - depends on my mood I guess. During summer I like a spray more because of its refreshing effect. I chose the one without perfume in it, because of my sensitive skin. It contains 200ml and is priced around 12euros, with or without perfume.
When I used it for the first time and put it on a cotton pad I was surprised by its scent. It has a strong flowery scent, even though it should not be scented? I initially thought they had send me the wrong bottle but no, they did not! Sadly, I do not like to put heavily scented stuff on my face. I don't mind a light fresh scent, but this heavy flowery thing isn't my style. Nevertheless, scents are there to get used to and if the product works fine - I can live with a minor discomfort. The dispenser works easily, you can get a decent amount on the cotton pad without putting too much on it. I've been using it for the last couple of weeks and it works refreshing, but that's the only positive thing about it so far! With the latest burst of winter this toner leaves my skin feeling dry, begging for moisture! Lastly, it has been working a bit irritating on my skin - leaving some clogged pores & making my skin more sensitive - the longer I use it, the worse it gets. High hopes but none of them came true...
The goods: packaging, price, refreshing

The bads: drying, irritating

Overall I don't like this product and I am not likely to even finish it up, it has more cons than pros to it. I hadn't expected this from Louis Widmer, French pharmaciebrands are usually my little place of heaven. I'm curious if other people share my thoughts on this one?


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