Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Presenting: me :)

Gosh, how do you begin your first post on your blog?

Something like: "Hey, my name is x and I'll give you advice on beauty products" - no, that's way too standard. Or you could be assertive and go: "I'll give you the best advice you'll ever receive" but on the other hand that's too arrogant from an outsiders point of view. So I'll just leave my introduction paragraph blank and let you all think of something.

This blog will be a place to write, chitchat, out my frustration about beautystuff and other various things on my mind and meanwhile, if you happen to pop in and enjoy it -lucky me-.


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Belgian twenty-something year old blogger who adores all things beautywise and loves to share her knowledge... This blog reflects my thoughts on products I've personally used and random things that cross my mind. If you have a request for a review or want to ask me something etc..., you can contact me at
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