Friday, 11 March 2011

Quickview Shiseido The Skincare moisture relaxing mask

Samples luxurious skin care line? Bring it on, please!! I love trying their products and I always hope I tend to like them afterwards... Another remarkable thing is that luxurious samples always have their own box with the tube in, just as if you purchased the product... Only a pot or a tube looks a lot cheaper. Todays brand is Shiseido, I have only used a day cream of them in the past, which I liked but it wasn't a staple for me.

This fast-working treatment mask helps stressed skin to relax and recover. The mask is moisture-rich and increases the moisture balance in the skin, making the skin feel cool and refreshed. The 50ml mask is suitable for all skin types and ages.

The mask is quite thick, but not too creamy. It applies easily and feels really refreshing. It has a light fresh scent but it's not very present. I let it soak in for half an hour. After a few minutes I noticed an itching/irritating feeling on my chin, this continued untill I removed the mask. My skin didn't look red or irritated, it's a bit strange because normally my cheeks or the most sensitive and I didn't feel anything there. Afterwards my skin felt moistured and was indeed relaxed.

Sadly this product comes in a jarpackaging of 50ml for 30-35euros. First up: I don't like jars because of hygiene and not good at preserving ingredients. Secondly, the price. For a mask this is quite expensive, but off course it IS Shiseido and a luxurious line, you just have to figure for yourself whether you're willing to spend on it. I enjoyed using it this one time, but I'm not going to hop to the store and buy it... Honestly, I'm better of with my Nuxe mask at a lower price with the same - or even better - effect.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Dat masker heb ik deze week nog gezien! Het ziet er natuurlijk allemaal ook goed uit, maar als je hetzelfde effect hebt met een goedkoper product, des te beter!

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