Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Anastasia Treatment

A couple of days ago I got an Anastasia Brow Treatment. Now, I've been wanting this for some time (my brows are hard to manage) but it isn't available where I live. Since I have vacation I decided it was time to finally go and get it...
This is how they look when I hardly do anything about them. Normally I tweeze a bit more on the lower part, but for the treatment I let them grow a bit.
The treatment went fast (about 10-15minutes) and didn't hurt that much. She first waxed a bit, followed by tweezing and cutting. Before on the left and after the work on the right. It already looks a lot neater.
Then she filled my brows up with the brow powder and the brow gel to manage the hairs. On the left with powder and gel, on the right nothing.
I bought the brow powder in the color medium ash (price around 22euro). The colors appear lighter on the picture then they are. I'm really happy with this purchase, I've also used it myself and love the effect it creates, it gives a natural finish.

Off course I also had to buy some other goodies and I stopped at Etos to pick up these lovely ones (on sale at 40% discount):
Have you also gotten the Anastasia Treatment?
How do you manage your brows?

And a warm welcome to my new followers, I think you'll like tomorrows post!


Ann said...

Waar heb je dat laten doen? Ziet er mooi uit!

Martje said...

doet het geen pijn?! ziet er wel erg mooi uit hoor

Evelien said...

In de douglas in maastricht. Toen die vrouw afkwam met de wax had ik wel even schrik dat het pijn ginn doen maar het viel heel goed mee, prikte enkel een beetje. Ze deed telkens korte stukken. Ik raad het iedereen aan, zo tevreden ben ik met het resultaat. En nu zelf proberen bij te houden...

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