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Product Praise Too Faced Shadow insurance

Back in the day when I was younger - sounding like a granny, I kid you not - I didn't believe in eyeshadow and certainly not in eyeshadow primer. What a waste of money would that be, eyeshadow has to stay put all day and creasing is normal because everyone was walking around like that so it was only normal that your eyeshadow turns out that way after wearing it for hours in a row. Little did I know, but luckily I came to my senses and realised that a primer is a necessity in every makeuplovinggirls closset. Most of the entire blogworld has reached a consensus on this primer: they love it. Curiousity awoke with me...

Your full-coverage insurance policy against all fading creasing melting blurring oil slicked and hard-to-blend eye-shadow accidents. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a silicone based eye-shadow primer that transforms any eye shadow into a perfectly blendable color-drenched intensified version of itself, then locks it down perfectly ‘till you take it off. The skin soothing formula evens out the skin tone on your lids and smoothes out lines while it secures a barrier between the oils of your skin and your makeup so no shadow catastrophes will ever happen again. 'Thank you Shadow Insurance I can sleep better at night knowing you're on my side!"

And wow, this primer promises a lot of things... First up, you need only a tiny amount of this primer, about the size on the picture above for both eyes - generally a peasize amount then. It has a beige colour, spreads easily and sinks into your skin very fast. It has no scent whatsoever. Due to the beige colour it evens out your skintone a bit but it doesn't provide the same coverage as a concealer would off course. Too Faced is mid price range, this primer costs about 12-15euros for 11g, personally I purchased it through HQhair as it's not available in Belgium. The price may seem like an obstacle but it will last you a long long time, mine hardly looks used even though I've been using it for months. Definitely worth putting a little money into.

I've been using this primer for a few months so I can comment on it quite clearly, I've tested it along with different brands from low budget to high end but with the same result. This primer - provided that you don't use TOO much - prevents creasing, at the end of the day my eyeshadow is still perfectly in its place. Eyeshadows don't fade, don't melt. Occasionally my eyeshadow gets a bit blurry but that's because I rub in my eyes from time to time. The primer also makes your eyeshadow easy blendable, which is a big plus for me. I don't like spending too much time blending. One claim it doesn't fulfill is the intensifying level, my eyeshadows don't pop out more than usual, probably because the colour of the primer is beigelike. It doesn't disturb me that much, if I'm after a more dramatic effect I first use a white eyeshadow/base.

The goods: fulfills almost all its claims, price-amount very affordable

The bads: doesn't intensify your eyeshadow (doesn't botter me that much), only available for online purchase in Belgium

This is a very good product that I will continue to use untill I run out of it and will buy again and again. It works for me and that's all I need to know. It's very affordable, given how long you will be able to use it. However, a word of caution, I've read that people with more oily skin don't like this primer as they find it too greasy - it is siliconebased. I have normal to dry skin and I have no problems with it, it sinks in fast. This is something you need to try if you haven't already, I love it and I understand why it gets so much praise!


Anonymous said...

I just got my second one.. I've had the first one for 3 years! And I wear makeup daily!

Eva's beautyblog said...

Hier heb ik al veel positieve dingen over gehoord en gelezen! ;-)
Misschien dat ik deze ook wel eens probeer?

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Deze heb ik nog niet getest! Ik gebruik meestal een paint pot en de UDPP heb ik ook al gebruikt. Best in mijn achterhoofd houden, dan!

Ann said...

Veel over gelezen al! Ik gebruik die van de Hema en ik ben daar tevreden over (alleen jammer dat je om de 6 maanden een nieuwe moet kopen aangezien de verpakking het niet toelaat om hem daadwerkelijk leeg te krijgen). Ik lees wel bij verschillende reviews dat UDDP, TFSI en Hema vergelijkbaar zouden zijn.

PinkFairy said...

Ik heb deze ook gehad en vond hem ook super goed. Ik ga hem denk ik nog eens kopen. Hij doet idd niks met kleur, maar de kleur wordt in de loop van de dag ook niet lichter (net als met Hema primer).

Evelien said...

my leetle nails: wow 3years is a very long time, on the tube it says its lasting time is 12months - I'm curious how long it will last me too :)

eva: zeker eens de moeite, in palettes/pakketjes van toofaced zit hiervan ook vaak een miniversie, misschien ee leuk idee om te proberen

perfectly: de udpp ligt bij mij nog onaangeroerd naast mn palet - omdat ik deze nog heb en het zonde vindt m al open te doen, wat is jouw mening ervan?

ann: die vd hema is er nooit als ik langsga, is altijd uitverkocht maar heb hetzelfde gehoord over de verpakking en ik denk dat qua prijsverhouding het wel min of meer gelijk komt uiteindelijk - heb de andere nog niet gebruikt dus geen idee of ze gelijkaardig zijn maar kan het me wel inbeelden

pinkfairy: goed plan en de kleur blijft inderdaad mooi behouden, ik gebruik m met volle plezier alvast :D

snooze. said...

Ik vind dit nog altijd de beste primer. Ik heb ook de udpp en ik vind m niet vergelijkbaar met deze ;)

Ann said...

In sommige winkels hebben ze die gewoon niet in het assortiment. Alleen door die verpakking al zou ik TFSI wel eens willen proberen.

G A B Y said...

That's funny you say you read mostly positive reviews on this, because I seem to only read negative ones LOL.

Thanks for this review, I was contemplating getting it.

Evelien said...

Dankje voor de tip snooze :)

Ja Ann, die frustratie begrijp ik maar al te goed. Probeer 'm eens en laat weten wat je er van vindt!

Gaby - I read those reviews about half a year - a year ago before I purchased it off course. I've also read that some people find it too oily but like I said, I think that has a lot to do with skintype. If you have oily skin I wouldn't purchase it.

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