Thursday, 24 March 2011

Perfume Fantasy by Britney Spears

During my bloggin' months I haven't talked about perfume, not a single time. Maybe because perfume is quite personal, it's not like you can put a review on a perfume. Nevertheless, once and a while with starting point being now I'm going to show you some of my perfumes - just to let you know what my nose likes! Today I'm going to start with a not-so-typical scent that often has some prejudices: Fantasy by Britney Spears - or should I state by Elizabeth Arden because Britney off course doesn't make her own perfumes. This was the 2nd scent she released and so far the only one I've tried, I bought it about a year ago.

Fantasy by Britney Spears is a fragrance alive with enchantment and rich with the thrill of the chase. The story of Britney Spears Fantasy unfolds with lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi. It continues with the scents of cupcakes, sexy white chocolate orchid and jasmine petals and draws to a close with the scents of creamy musk, orris root and sensual woods.

Isn't the packaging gorgeous, combined with the green ribbon, how cute? Or at least I think so, ok, fair is fair it is a little bit overboard and too girly but I like it. The pink colour and the little so-called-stones in it, sometimes I can be a little girl and love it... Apart from the overboard packaging Britney also made a commercial for her perfume (for every one of her perfumes actually), which you can see below, it's as overboard as the packaging...

Fantasy is an eau de perfume, so its lasting time is longer and it's heavier than eau de toilettes, it's a rich scent indeed. When spraying this you only need a few sprays, don't put on too much. I mostly smell the lychee and kiwi at first, afterwards the cupcakes which are all very sweet... This is a sweetsweet and heavy scent at the same time and I love it! I mostly use it when it's colder/darker (winter-fall) because it's quite heavy. When the sun is shining I prefer a more fresh scent.

This scent is available in various stores and can easily be purchased online, I bought mine from fragrancedirect and it costed me about 25-30euros for 100ml, which isn't much at all... I'm impressed with Britneys scent and may try her other perfumes in the future!

Have you tried one of her perfumes yet and which one?


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Nog niet geprobeerd! Wel benieuwd naar, ik ben wel Britney-fan :D

G A B Y said...

I really want to get my hans on this perfume! I've found it on the net for around $27, I just want to use up some of my perfumes before buying this one.

Evelien said...

Dan ga je haar parfums ook de moeite vinden, ik weet wel niet direct waar je het kunt vinden... Je mag altijd bij mij eens komen ruiken haha.

It's a really nice perfume considering its price and I use it with pleasure... But I do understand you want to use up some perfume, that's also my plan but there are already so many other scents I want/need :), maybe I should stop buying those big 100ml bottles...

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