Monday, 7 March 2011

Review Nuxe Masque Frais Hydratant

During the weekend I like to treat myself/my skin with an occasional mask. My skin mostly requires hydration and a lot of moisture, so these are the kind of masks I tend to stick to and are on my shelf. I've used clay masks in the past and I still have a tube wandering around but I only use that as a spot-treatment-mask. When I'm slapping it on my entire face, it needs to be moisturizing. I bought this Nuxe mask a few months ago (I've tried this brand in the past and liked it), I have used it a couple of times.

Effective by nature
A Spa treatment for dry and tired skins. A huge relaxing bath for both face and eye contour.

Precious BENEFITS for my skin
With its restored softness and smoothness, your skin is enlightened by its new brightness. Relaxed, the eye contour seems younger and rested.

Baobab and Sweet Almond Oils soothe while Floral Waters (Madagascar Water
Lily and Florentine Iris) are combined to treat fragile skins. Liquorice and Prickly Ash soothe your skin.

For starters the packaging is simple, which is typical for Nuxe. I love that it comes in a tube - I hate masks that come in a jar, hygiene much? It costs about 15-20euros for a tube of 50ml, definitely one of their more expensive products regarding the amount you get. Interesting is that this product can be used around the eye area, which most masks shy away from. The product does contain parabens.

The product is creamy but not too thick either, more of a mix between a lotion and a cream. It has a very herbal & woody scent, which might disturb some people. It isn't overwhelming and it smells really fresh - I like the scent. When applying, I notice my skin "awakes", it refreshes instantly. It doesn't irritate my skin at all, I also used it around my eye area and it wasn't irritating. I put on quit a lot of it - especially on the drier parts of my face-, a nice thick layer, and let it stay on for about half an hour. Afterwards I remove the last remains with a miccelar cleanser, or you could just rinse it off. My skin feels moistured and at ease. However, I didn't notice my skin looking brighter...

The goods: refreshing, moisturizing, can be used around the eye area, non-irritating

The bads: price may be a bit too much, herbal & woody scent may not be for everyone, doesn't brighten your skin

Overall, I really like this product. This is a good moisturizing mask which works calming at the same time. It can be used by sensitive skin, even around the eyes. I don't use this mask every week, only when I notice my skin is feeling a bit dry or dehydrated - which is more often now in the winter. If you have a more oily skin, you probably won't like this. The only downside is the price tag for a small tube of 50ml. I will most likely repurchase this when I run out of it.


G A B Y said...

I've been interested in NUXE lately but their products are sooo pricey )=

Catanya said...

I really like Nuxe products. I was lucky enough to try a sample of this mask and I really love it! After reading your review I am now considering purchasing it.
XOXO from a new follower here,

Evelien said...

Gaby: I buy them in an IU store, they often have discounts or a free product. Their creams are indeed more pricey at 25-30euros, but the cleansers are ok. Or maybe the pricing here is a bit more affordable? Where do you buy it?

Catanya: hey & welcome, I've been following your blog also for some time :) it's very interesting! I'm glad you also liked the mask, it's worth the purchase if your skin is regularly dry and needs a boost...

PinkFairy said...

Oooh lijkt me enorm fijn en heelrijk fris.

Evelien said...

Helemaal juist :)

Phil said...

Ik heb zo een vermoeden dat wij veel van dezelfde producten gekocht hebben of gaan kopen :P
Vond de hoeveelheid voor die prijs eerst ook weinig, maar je brengt het aan als een moisturizer en dat is heel weinig eigenlijk. Gaat al een hele tijd mee bij mij.

Bij echt droge huid kan je dit best eens uitproberen als serum. Werkt dan wel geweldig!

Evelien said...

Ja, dat had ik ook al gemerkt Phil :). Ik heb mijn tube al een tijdje, maar ik gebruik het dan ook enkel als ik het nodig vind. Ik zal het eens proberen als serum, lijkt me wel de moeite! Nu met de winter heeft mn huid het erg, ik zal blij zijn als het zomer is - ochja dan smeer ik me weer zot aan zonnecrème haha.

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