Thursday, 31 March 2011

Online shopping haul with Becca and ELF

Yes, finally my online shopping stuff has arrived... I ordered the Becca stuff from lookfantastic, because it's on discount at the moment. I've already talked about one Becca product so far, which I really like and I'm eager to try more of their stuff... Everything looks so gorgeous!

Since Becca is quite pricey, I just ordered 2 products. On the left the shimmering skin perfector in pearl, supposedly one of THE best highlighters out there. The bottle contains 50ml, which will surely last a long long time. And on the right is the Enigma palette that was released in fall/winter 2010 with 3 eyeshadows, they don't pick up well on camera - in real life they are more beautifull. The brush that comes with it, is very cute and of good quality, too bad the handle is so tiny. Both products have a peculiar packaging, rubbery, with a very sophisticated look.

And then an ELF hauling, a very known budget brand, which I hadn't used yet so I'm curious! A brush, simply because I don't have that kind of brush yet and their new eyeshadow palette called Brownstone, neutral colours right up my alley... A polish called Innocent, again neutral. Two blushes: mineral blush in Joy, which supposedly looks a lot like Dandelion - that I love - and a cream-mousse blush in the colour Flirt, a brighter pink.

Do you have any Becca and/or ELF products, do share!


liza said...

kwam toevallig op je blog en blijf maar rondkijken! heel erg leuk :)
Ik heb laatst ook een aantal E.L.F spulletjes besteld, op onze site kun je er reviews over vinden. Ben benieuwd naar je cremeblush! de nagellak vond ik overigens tegenvallen.
Thanks for sharing!

Evelien said...

Oh, dankje :) ben blij je het interessant vindt! Ik ga meteen je site eens bekijken, benieuwd wat jij er allemaal van vindt. Ik heb de cremeblush nog maar vluchtig geswatched, heeft een vreemde structuur, is echt een mousse en geen creme.

beckiangel44 said...

Ooo I really want to try some Becca products, hear so many raves about them :) xo

Evelien said...

Yes, they are indeed true. I've already fallen in love with the highlighter!

Meryem said...

I've never used the cream blush from ELf, are they good?

Evelien said...

I have only used it a few times so I can't really say much on it, first impression is 'ok'... But I do plan on reviewing it, as soon as I've used it more often!!

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