Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A very tiny haul

Lately I've bought quite a few new things online *some lovely makeup that I'm eager to try*, but most of it hasn't arrived yet. Nevertheless I did get a package this week and also popped into a store today...

The package was from Strawberrynet and was ordered more than a month ago, but hadn't arrived yet. It contained the Shiseido Bio Performance Eye cream, which was on a big discount - I got it at 30euros now, and a free Calvin Klein lipstick in a rose colour.

Today I also paid a visit to Kruidvat and bought the Essence I love Berlin polish in colour 01, it was only 0,99euro - could hardly let this pass. As the sun is shining now, I'm in the mood for spring colours and this one seems perfect!!

Have you already bought sun/spring make-up?


Anne ♥ said...


PinkFairy said...

Leuke spulletjes. Dat lakje van Essence is idd schattig :D

Evelien said...

Thanks Anne :)

Ja, helemaal! Normaal ben ik niet zo voor hun kleurtjes maar deze wel!

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