Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Online shopping tip: iHerb

As you all know, I love online shopping and buy most of my stuff online... I often check it out in the store, but honestly, it's cheaper online and convenient - where I live most brands aren't available around every corner of every street-. If I stumble upon a webshop I've discovered recently, I gladly share it with you and share my genuine opinion about it, whether it's good or bad... Today's a shop with an eco-logo!

iHerb offers a great range of natural products and a lot of brands, most of their products also have a great price. Don't startle when entering their site, it's just a basic shopping site. Their international shipping starts at 4$ (depending on weight), which is a very low rate if you often shop online. I already bought some products from Shikai and Avalon Organics, and I plan on reordering soon... Shipping takes about a week. If you love natural brands, you will love this site!


Beth said...

Hey this is a really good suggestion thanks! I actually prefer healthdesigns over iherb but that's just me. Both sites have a great selection of organic and natural products.

Evelien said...

Thanks for the tip Beth, I've just checked it and it looks like a great site - also for international orders. Will keep it in mind.

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