Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Online shopping haul - guilty

Online shopping is definitely one of my pet peeves... You have acces to every brand you desire - and there are so many that aren't available where I live, so online shopping is a must. But, however, I have become more critical and tend to wait a few more weeks before indeed ordering an item and if I still want it afterwards, I'll go for it! If I could compile a wish list I'm guessing it would be endless, I wouldn't even know where to begin...

First stop was ebay, more precisely a UK-seller. Paula Dorf brushes, I have been lemming them for quite some time - thank you Lisa Eldridge, and now after months and months the time was right and I got 2 of them: the big powder brush *which is so fluffy and soft, very soft* and an eyeshadow brush. Pricing was reasonable: I got both of them with shipping for about 35euros.

Then onto an order from a Dutch store called Alicejohavessentials with lots of hard-to-get-brands. As you can see I gave in and ordered the Sleek Oh so Special palette I was pondering about a while ago - my main reason for purchase was that there are a lot of colours in it that I don't have yet. I have their Storm palette and consider it to be a good pricequality product. I bought 3 lip balms from Eos, it was a travel bag containing Honeysuckle, Sweet Mint & Pomegranate Raspberry, aren't they cute? And lastly 2 nail polishes by Barry M: one peachy colour and one instant nail white effects.

Lastly another Paula's Choice order, which was mainly inspired by my boyfriend. His hydralight cleanser and night cream/gel, both in the middle, were running out. Both of these are repurchases and reviews will follow. On the far left is a body treatment with BHA, because as of lately I'm having slightly red bumps on my legs from shaving etc and this is supposed to help me. On the far right her new daycream with an SPF of 20 to try, intented for dry skin but we'll see. For now her SPF creams aren't impressing me or my boyfriend at all...

Have you recently purchased something online, share!


BeautyLoves said...

Die EOS lipbalsems zijn zo schattig!

Eva's beautyblog said...

Dat perzikkleurige lakje van Barry M lijkt me prachtig!
Ik ben albenieuwd naar de swatch! :D

Evelien said...

Superschattig, daarom dat ik er maar gelijk 3 bijbestel haha.

Ik vond 'm er ook heel mooi uitzien en ik heb nog niet echt een perziklakje dacht ik, heb 'm net vandaag opgedaan dus een NOTD komt er snel aan.

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