Wednesday, 13 July 2011

NOTD Catrice Dance Like A Prima Ballerina

Another Catrice polish for you today, I'm on a roll with these ones and I'm really loving their Ultimate Nudes collection, this is the 3rd polish I've tried so far and all 3 are to my likings... including this one!

In the bottle this colour looks like a light pink with a rain of shimmer in it - it reminds me of satin eyeshadow. When buying it in the store I didn't pay that much attention to it as I just grabbed them alltogether.

On my nails I used 2 coats to get the intensity I want, but it's not full coverage - the tips are still a bit visible. If you want full coverage 3-4 coats are necessary. The polish goes on easily and doesn't leave any streaks. The colour on my nails represents the colour in the bottle nicely. At first glance it seems to be a plain light pink but the satin shimmer on top of it is clearly visible, providing that little touch to it. In the sun it's more noticeable than indoors off course.

Catrice's Nude Collection is making an impression on me and I urge nude-lovers to go and get them: budget check, good coverage check, no streaking check - sums up to a decent polish. I still have 3 others waiting to be used...


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