Friday, 15 October 2010

Quickview Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15

Yet again a new catagory, in this one I'll be doing small and quick reviews on samples I've tested and such. This means I'm only able to use the product for a few days or a week whereas with a normal review I wait at least a month before unleashing my written thoughts on it so these reviews won't be as detailed as my normal ones. I shall also be mentioning whether I will be purchasing it or not.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some Paula's Choice products for my bf and ordered some samples along with it for me to try. I've already been able to use a few and so far I'm liking them a lot and I will purchase them. But, yesterday, when I tried this product I was very very dissapointed.

A multi-purpose, all-you-need daytime moisturizer to nourish and protect your dry, sensitive skin. Provides gentle broad-spectrum sun protection to prevent all signs of skin aging. Lightweight cream texture repairs your skin's barrier and infuses it with skin repairing antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients. Mineral-enhanced formula softly brightens skin for a youthful glow. Designed to work under makeup and enhance its application. Irritant-free formula is ideal for your sensitive or rosacea-affected skin. 100% fragrance-free and contains no dyes or coloring agents.

During the day I always use an SPF moisturizer or I put a sunscreen on top of a normal moisturizer. My current one is running out -review will follow- and I wanted to try this in a sample. Paula has 2 SPF moisturizers available and I got a sample for the one for normal to dry skin. When opening the sample there was no smell (fragrance free) but that doesn't bother me. The product itself is white and creamy. When I put it on my face I noticed it wasn't easy to spread the product so I warmed it up a bit, it didn't feel very moisturizing. It leaves a bit of a white cast so you have to massage it in till it's gone. After spreading I looked like a discoball, very shiny. So I let it soak in and went to watch TV, after 15-30 minutes I checked the mirror again and it hadn't changed, my skin was still shining like a bowling ball and the worst part of it was that my skin didn't even feel moisturized enough - my cheeks were still feeling a bit dry. I waited a bit more but it had no use, so I took it off...

I read that more people have this problem with it, whilst others love it, but I'm glad I only bought the sample. In America she has released a new SPF 20 moisturizer, maybe I'll try that one later on. I wouldn't recommend this product, if you want to try any of her products order some samples. On a sidenote: she does offer a refund policy if you've purchased the full product but you'll have to pay for shipping then.

Do you use any of her products?


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