Thursday, 21 July 2011

Never again Avon superCurlacious mascara

Mascara is one of those things that I often switch up. It should be thrown away after 3 months of usages and I tend to live up to this rule because the mascara begins to clump etc. I hardly ever buy high end mascaras because I always find it a shame to throw them away after their period has passed... So I usually end up with budget or drugstore mascaras. Over the last months I think I've ordered about every Avon mascara there is - all prices range from 4 to 8 euros - and today we're starting with the Curlacious one, sadly enough, this is not a good review...

The packaging is quite sleek and I love the curly touch to it. Rest of the packaging is plain black and simple. It costed me 6euros for 7ml. Getting the wand out of the mascara isn't the easiest job, you need a good pull to get it out of it. The wand itself is indeed curved and has a lot of bristles with different lenghts.

Now, more importantly are the results. The mascara indeed gives you a nice curl, it does its name honor. It also gives some length and a little bit of volume. But, however, I found that it clumps easily and is tricky to apply plus there's some wearoff during the day. It dries really fast, so be quick when putting on more layers. Afterwards my lashes do feel stiffer than when using other mascaras - the dryness is also visible in the last picture. Personally I'm not a fan of this mascara. I don't like to hassle too much with application and I'm more fond of natural looking lashes - this one easily gives a spidereffect and I do NOT want that.

Nothing - 1 layer - 2 layers
*click on picture to enlarge for a better view*

The goods: price, sleek packaging, gives nice curl, gives length

The bads: clumps easily, tricky application, makes lashes stiff, dries fast, wearoff during the day

Overall I do not like this mascara and will not continue to use it. I wouldn't recommend it either because of all the cons to it. If you're looking for a nice curl in a mascara, my advice is to use a decent eyelash curler and seek elsewhere for a mascara. Nevertheless Avon has a few great mascaras and their reviews will follow...


BeautyLoves said...

Het ziet er iets te naturel uit voor mijn doen. Het borsteltje vind ik wel schattig!

Evelien said...

Ik vind 'm toch vrij klonterig, vooral aan de onderste wimpers en de buitenranden - vind ik echt niet mooi. En 'm geeft af op de huid, een big "no".

Het borsteltje is inderdaad leuk en schept verwachtingen, die niet ingelost worden jammer genoeg.

SpicedBeauty said...

I have such a hard time finding a good mascara because NOTHING will hold a curl for me. I was tempted to try this... until you mentioned the spider-like result. Definitely don't want that! Sigh. My search continues...

Evelien said...

Yes, sadly enough it clumps easily. A second layer without clump is almost impossible. Be glad you didn't buy it, I'm throwing mine away.

Have you tried some eyecurlers? If the curl doesn't hold, you can make the eyecurler hot with a hairdryer for a more dramatic effect and afterwards when you put mascara on the curl holds better.

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