Friday, 1 July 2011

My Zuneta order - guess what?!

Yesterday my Zuneta order came in, to my surprise. For those who don't know the webshop, do pay a visit as they offer hard-to-get-brands such as Becca, Rouge Bunny Rouge and so on... I ordered it in the weekend as they had a temporary 10% off for new customers. I got it sent on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday (almost lightning fast, recommend webshop I say) so I wasn't expecting it yet but I'm so glad it arrived this soon as I have been eyeing these items for quite some time...

Look at this lovely packaging, a nice ribbon round a greyish box. A modern design which works very appealing.

Then, when we open it, purple paper and black scrunches... You can see I've ordered 4 things from them, can you guess which ones?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts, I'll post the actual items this evening :)


heavenrain said...

beauty blender. eos lip balm, something from rouge bunny and one thing looks like nars but it's not so I don't know :)

Evelien said...

Impressive and very close :)

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