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Review Estée Lauder Vérité special eyecare

Most brands offer a seperate line for sensitive skin -mostly without fragrance- and so does Estée Lauder. Their sensitive line is called Vérité and contains a cleanser, cream, fluid and eye cream. My skin is sensitive - not in a hyperway but enough to be irritated from time to time - and because I wear contacts I have to be carefull in regards to eyecreams. At first this Vérité line wasn't available in Europe, but as of a few months ago you can also get it - stores like IciParis, Douglas etc stock it...

This ultra-gentle gel-creme formula instantly comforts and hydrates the sensitive skin around your eyes. Includes anti-aging ingredients that visibly reduce lines and wrinkles now and in the future. Puffiness and dark circles look less obvious. Contains soothing Oat Extract, Green Tea and Marine Extracts. Entirely free of common irritants, including emulsifiers, alcohol and fragrance.

Estée Lauder and luxurious packaging are inseperate. It's a white/beige tube with a golden dop, very hygienic and good to preserve the ingredients. The tube contains 15ml and is priced around 30euros. The ingredients list is very short, it's water-based with antioxidants & such, and doesn't contain perfume, as stated. It can be used 6months after opening, this short term can be explained as it doesn't contain parabens which are used for a better/longer preservation.

Distributing the product goes easily, just squeeze the tube gently. The product doesn't have a scent and feels really light. It has the texture of a gel, can easily be spread and sinks into the skin fast. The dot you can see underneath is what I normally use for one eye, it's not as rich/hydrating as I expected it to be - therefore the 15ml doesn't last me that long, I think I did about 5months with it applying it only at night. It hasn't irritated my eyes at any time and feels refreshing when applying. As far as the line/wrinkle reducing goes, their claim is false - no product can do this. It lightens the eye area a bit and so it may seem that fine lines are diminishing. I don't have dark circles or puffiness so I can't comment on that part.

The goods: non-irritating, good ingredients, sinks in fast, lightens eye area, good packaging

The bads: not that hydrating, price in comparison to amount

Overall I consider this to be a good eye cream, non-irritating and with a decent ingredient list. It also has the correct packaging to preserve its ingredients. The only downside is the pricing and the amount that you get in return - this is what keeps me from repurchasing it, good product but overpriced. Nevertheless, if you want to splurge and are irritated by almost anything, this could be your HG, just keep the price tag in mind :).


Maquiyonkis said...

Thanks for this review. Just bought the product at a very reduced price. Let's see how it works in my eye contour area.

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