Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review Mylène NutriCare hair mask

About 2 times a year I go to a Mylène evening at a friends home. Mylène is one of those brands that's only available at home parties and therefore isn't alway easy in acces - so far I've tried a few of their products and they're quite good. I bought this hair mask on a whim last year, not really looking at the amount of product and was surprised -in a not so pleasant way- when the jar arrived and was only 50ml. Longhaired me and 50ml don't go well together...

Nourishes the hair and makes it soft, strenghtens hair ends and improves combing.
Hydrates the hair and provides shine to it.
The perfect boost for dry brittle damaged hair. 50ml bottle

And then I totally forgot about it... untill I cleaned out my bathroom box where I keep all my back-up stuff such as tons of shower gels, body cream etc *probably can go on another more year* and also this mask. The experation date was getting closer so I put it ready for usage, and now I'm almost through it.

It's a jar, I don't like jars (see hygiene - putting your fingers in it) - point of negative number one. It's 50ml - how incredible tiny is this thing? It costs 9euros which is ok and if you multiple it, it isn't that much in comparison to more high end brands such as Joico, Kerastase etc... I'm guessing I'll be getting 5-6 usages out of it.

But there are also numerous positives, do not get me wrong. For starters it has a really nice scent, a bit floral and whilst sniffing the jar it may appear very strong - once applied it smells lovely. It has the texture of a light cream and spreads easily. It's adviced to leave it in for 3 minutes, but I usually take 5. Afterwards my hair feels softer already. I never have problems combing my hair so I can't comment on that part. Drying goes easily and it leaves my hair smooth, without frizz and doesn't weigh it down. The next few days my hair continues to feel soft and stays better in place. It makes it look healthy - isn't that what we all want, glowing healthy hair?

The goods: fresh scent, leaves hair soft, no frizz, doesn't weigh it down, easy modelling

The bads: small jar, it's a jar

Overall I enjoy using this product and will probably end up repurchasing this. I love how it makes my hair look and feel. It's a shame that it's a jar and so small - but I can overcome these negatives. I definitely recommend this for using to switch up your hair routine from time to time or when your hair needs a boost such as in the winter.


BeautyLoves said...

Oké, 50 ml is petite voor een haarmasker! Maar ik denk dat je in verhouding wel evenveel betaalt als pakweg Joico. Ik kan het me niet meer exact herinneren, maar denk dat ik ook zo'n 30-35 euro betaald heb voor 200 ml geconcentreerde conditioner (die ik als masker gebruikte). Kan de K-PAK-lijn van Joico trouwens wel aanraden :)

Evelien said...

Ja, in verhouding valt het uiteindelijk wel mee maar als je het zo niet bekijkt denk je "wow da's duur". Ik ben de K-Pak-lijn al bijna een jaar aan het gebruiken, 'm is inderdaad erg goed, binnekort eens een review ervan doen.

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