Monday, 4 July 2011

Something I heard the other day about brushes...

Last weekend I went to a demonstration of beauty products, mostly body care but also some skin care and makeup. While the presentation lady was explaining their new bronzing pearls, I noticed the withcoming brush (white goat hair probably) was quite dirty. I couldn't help myself to make a remark about cleaning... She said she cleansed it every week with a mild shampoo and that the new wash was due for tomorrow.

And then, one of the other spectaters stated "oh, you can wash them? I just throw them away from time to time". I really -really- had a hard time not bursting out in laughter. Off course you can wash them, you don't throw away a hair brush if it's dirty now do you? In case you're wondering: she bought her brushes in Hema so they are budgetproof with prices from 1 to 8 euros - personally I don't like Hema face brushes, they sting.

But this got me wondering... Have you ever thrown away a brush for various reasons? I'm curious to your stories. So far I haven't thrown away a single brush of mine and I plan on keeping it that way!


CopyCat - Smashinbeauty said...

When I was younger I used the brushes that came with the packaging/ palette and I did throw them out! OMG .. but luckly they were super cheap :D
Ignorance cost me a lot :D

BeautyLoves said...

Dat is even erg als het 7 jaar oude mascara-verhaal dat ik een tijd geleden gehoord heb.
Hoe is het mogelijk! Dat had ze vast niet gedaan als ze 20-30 euro per kwast had uitgegeven (hoop ik!).

G A B Y said...

Whaaaaaaat?? Throw away a makeup brushes? Even drugstore brushes tend to be quite pricey, why would you want to throw them away? I can't believe some people actually do that!

Evelien said...

Copycat: yes, those plastic ones - I'm not a fan of those either but I do keep them. They can be convenient when you can't take a brush along or when you've forgotten one. I wouldn't throw them away unused.

Beautyloves: wow, 7 jaar oud? Nee, dat meen je niet... Ooginfecties alom gok ik dan?

GABY: Well, because they were dirty... she said. I doesn't even come to my mind why you wouldn't think about washing them? It's very sad. I couldn't believe my eyes either - I was a bit blown away.

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