Thursday, 7 July 2011

Let's do something crazy: 1-year make up

Yesterday while I was browsing a few news-sites I ran into a rather peculiar article that I just had to share with you! 2 Dutch artists wanted to make a statement: how much make-up do women use on a yearly basis?! They chose a Belgian model, Hannelore Knuts, and completed the experiment in 9hours, applying layer over layer. Here's the before-picture:

And here's the after-picture: wow, in a negative way. It looks utterly disgusting... They used seven bottles of foundation; two bottles of Creamy eyes; three Milky lips pens; and two bottles of blush. All together 228.40ml of makeup. Myself, I don't use that much make-up, I don't go through 7 bottles of foundation on a yearly basis.

If you're interested you can watch the movie here where you'll also find some additional information...


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