Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The A'Squirrel brushes' entering!

In last weeks haul I told you I was awaiting some other & better brushes and they have arrived - faster than expected. So without further ado here it is... Doesn't it look cute?

Picture from Mieke Willems

Yes, it does! Especially since this brush above wasn't the one I was talking about... Nevertheless it IS a funny brush but one that I would not use for make-up. For real now: I purchased them from their homepage, they offer a flat shipping rate of 10$ and after 1,5weeks of purchasing they arrived. Here you can see the real ones:

I got the Pure Squirrel Large Powder Brush to use for finishing powder and the Pure Squirrel Eyeshadow Brush to use for blending, alltogether for a total of 62$, with shipping. There's also a blush brush and a contour brush available from the same line. Ever since I bought my SUQQU brush I've been on the lookout for likewise brushes in softness but lower pricing and believe me, these definitely make the cut!! The softest brushes are made of (grey) squirrel hair, keep that in mind while you're on the lookout. These are heavenly soft and so gentle. They don't appear very dense, but I'll have to see how they work with application.

They have a long and light handle with the brands name on them. The bristles go from light to dark at the ends and like I said they are heavenly soft - have I already mentioned how soft they are??? I'm SOOO happy I gave in and purchased them, can't wait to fully try them and put up a review...

If you know this brand, share your thoughts! Or if you don't, you can also share them :)


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