Thursday, 28 July 2011

Avon - here we are again

Here we are again with my recent Avon order. I have some products from them which I adore and buy over and over again, but I also regularly try new things and let me tell you, there are plenty that I haven't tried yet. Since most of their items are budgettary and priced between 2-10euros it's ok when something turns out to be, well, not so great. No pain, no gain....

In my last order I got the quad Cocoa Dreams and I liked it enough to order another quad, one from their 24k collection with gorgeous packaging and again really workable shades for everyday and evening. Underneath you can see a ColorTrend (their budgetbudget line) pencil in white which costed merely 2,5euros.

Bath stuff... Avons Bubble Bath from which I've spoken before and absolutely love and recommend. I got the scent White Lily in 1L and 2 copies 500Ml of Vanilla Peach - smells amazing. It was buy 1L and get 2 small ones for free.

To finish it I got their "eyes-special". Each brochure they offer a combination of items at a huge discount. Since I love this mascara, Supershock, and figured for the price I got a free eye cream and sun glasses, I couldn't say no.

That's it for now... 'till next month for another Avon hauling!


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