Thursday, 14 July 2011

Loving my new blouse...

Last week I went discountshopping with one of my best friends, which is always fun and mostly chatting & mostly clothes as she's not into makeup and such. Whilst browsing the Mango she picked up a blouse and said "this will look good on you - statement made", I tried it on and here it is... I also bought a whole bunch of other stuff such as the pants and the belt I'm wearing (not Mango though), but this was my favourite item of the day... It's even more gorgeous when worn on white pants but due to the rain today - although it appears sunny through the window - I put the grey one on.

It's a light dusty pink colour with black (but not intense) stripes, their thickness is different on either side. I immediately loved the little button on the shoulder and the little details on it. It's a very lovely blouse that will look good on a lot of people. And oh yes it was only 15euros...

If you like it, don't wait too long as it was a salesitem. I will wear this a lot this summer, a perfect workblouse.


Eva's beautyblog said...

Mooie outfit! Staat je goed :)
Welke blush/highlighter gebruik je op de foto? ik vind die echt prachtig! :D

BeautyLoves said...

Jeeej voor soldenshoppen! :)

Evelien said...

Bedankt! Mijn recente aankoop MAC warm soul (mineralize blush) en een Edward Bess bronzer eroverheen. De warm soul is veel mooier dan m op swatch doet vermoeden, ben blij dat ik m toch gekocht heb en ik raad m zeker aan!

Dat is altijd jeeej :)

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