Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Company store haul

Yes, you're reading it perfectly clear... Yesterday I was able to go to the company store, something that I've been wanting to do for a long time (in case you don't know this is a store on invite only, mostly employees, with various brands on discount). A week ago I got a tweet from a fellow blogster asking whether I was interested in going this month - yes off course! And so we met up yesterday and I bought way too much stuff...

There were so many items I wanted and I had a hard time choosing, putting a few things back and forth in my basket but I ended up with this bunch and am most pleased.

Skincarewise I only bought a few things:
*EL the Perfectionist CP serum 50ml: I bought the smaller version half a year ago and it is such a lovely product, a great but expensive serum - I'll be doing a review on this one soon.
*EL Resilience Lift Extreme: this is actually a mask but I also bought a copy a few months ago and have been using it as a night cream, again I'm loving it.
*Tri-Aktiline filler: this is a serum which I was curious about, it's likewise to EL Idealist with silicones for filling up fine lines - it is by no means only intented for older women. It provides some good antioxidants and I'm eager to try and see how it works.

*Jo Malone perfume in orange blossom: the last couple of months I've been regularly browsing his perfume site and I had my heart set on going to London and trying the different fragrances. But after some browsing around I found that the company store also had a few of them so as soon as I got there I took a sniff. There were only a few scents available and I bought the smaller version of this scent. Their fragrances are quite expensive, hopefully I'll find it worth the while.
*MAC lip erase: a lip erase has also been on my wish list for some time, this colour is "dim" and was part of a limited collection
*MAC chromagraphic pencil NW25: again, this was also on my wishlist but in the lighter shade NW15 which they sadly didn't offer so I got this one as it's ok for matching my summer skin. In the winter I do need the lighter shade. I've already used it yesterday and what can I say, I love this product!!

And lastly, skin finishes and blushes... starting left top:
*mineralize skinfinish natural in light-medium: I've heard so many great positive things about this product that I couldn't leave it there
*mineralize skinfinish light-meidum/natural&shimmer: I've been meaning to get this one but for some reason never did and now I scored it for only 4euros - it was the last one left, lucky me
*blush peaches: shame on me as I didn't have a peachy blush yet, I swatched this one and decided I had to have it - simple as that
*mineralize blush warm soul: this is one of my purchases that I kept contemplating about, it's a mauve-dusty-rose colour and quite special

Ok, that was it... I had a great time and am most pleased about my purchases!


Eva's beautyblog said...

Prachtige aankoopjes! :)
Die Jo Malone parfum lijkt me heerlijk! :D

Geniet nog van je spulletjes!

Peggy Timmermans Visagie said...

Je hebt leuk geshopt. Van Jo Malone kreeg ik een setje parfums voor mijn verjaardag en vooral Amber vind ik super lekker ruiken! Je gaat kunnen genieten van je aankoopjes!

Evelien said...

Bedankt Eva, 'm is inderdaad heerlijk!!

Oh wat leuk Peggy en bedankt he. Amber stond er jammer genoeg niet tussen. Er stond cider, rozen, deze dan, cologne en nog 1 andere. Ze hebben wel veel geuren. Volgende keer als ik in Londen ben zeker een bezoekje brengen!!!

Anonymous said...

Wat een leuke aankoopjes. Ze moeten hier ook maar eens zo'n winkel starten ;)

Evelien said...

Wie weet, misschien met uitbreiding ooit? Maar ik gok op niet.

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