Monday, 25 July 2011

Product Praise Rituals Ginkgo's Secret hand balm

Hand creams and me go well together... I buy plenty of them and I use plenty of them! I always have one in my bag and one beside my bed. During the day I love using a hand cream that sinks in fast and doesn't leave my hands greasy. But before I go to bed I enjoy using a richer hand cream so my hands can bathe in moisture while I'm of to dreamland. I bought this cream from Rituals for the last purpose, as it states being an "extra rich repairing cream".

Extra rich & repairing hand balm
  • This luxurious, rich hand balm is specially created to soothe and repair rough, dry hands
  • Enriched with Ginseng (the symbol for immortality) and Ginkgo Biloba which is known to strengthen the blood vessels
The cream comes in a tube of 75ml with a pricetag of 10euros - which is a good midrange pricing. For hand creams I prefer tubes or good sealed pumps as they are easy for application and hygienic. The light green colour is refreshing. Ingredientwise this cream is based on glycerin as so many but it also contains shea butter and silicones too smooth out fine lines. As far as negatives go: it does contain perfume -if you're very sensitive- and parabens.

The scent of this hand balm is divine: refreshing and herballike as far as my describing skills go, it's very relaxing. The scent consist of ginseng and ginkgo, which is obviously of no help to any of you. Who on earth knows how these things smell? Just snif it next time you pop into a Rituals store, it's a really lovely scent that a lot of people will like.

As you can see underneath the cream is really thick and this becomes even more noticeable when spreading it. It's a very thick cream that at first doesn't seem to spread easily but once it has been warmed up a bit the spreading goes smooth. It's very moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling soft. I mainly used this before going to bed as it can be a bit too greasy or oily when applied. The perfume in it didn't irritate my skin whatsoever.

The goods: nice scent, thick cream, very moisturizing, tube-packaging

The bads: can be too greasy/oily, contains perfume

To sum it up, I totally love this hand cream and will definitely repurchase it - my tube is almost empty at the moment of writing - I need a new one! This is one of the thickest creamiest creams I've tried so far and my hands really enjoy the boost it gives my skin. I would recommend this to anyone who regularly suffers from dry hands. If you have more oily skin, this one probably won't be your best buddy.


BeautyLoves said...

Mijn favoriete handcrème! Ik heb er standaard eentje in mijn handtas zitten :)

tbm said...

Ik ben fan !

Evelien said...

Het is gewoon een goed product!! Leuk dat jullie er ook fan van zijn.

Liesbeth V said...

Ook mijn favoriete handcrème. Is inderdaad behoorlijk vet maar ruikt echt heeeeerlijk.

Evelien said...

Ja en die vettigheid komt in de winter enorm goed van pas!

Anonymous said...

I loveee this cream! Just got it 3 days ago on KLM airlines and am applying it constantly. My hands have never been softer (:

Evelien said...

Yes, it's really good and smells great too!

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