Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Finished Summer 2011

Lately I've been empyting a lot of products so it's time for another update to see what I've used and whether I'll repurchase it or not... Again, check the links for reviews if there is one. The last update from my spring finishing can be found here.

Starting from the left picture:
  • By Terry lumière veloutée foundation in 2: luxurious foundation, yes that's what this is! I enjoyed using it, it gives a lovely finish - especially on camera- but can be tricky for dry skin plus it's superexpensive... Probably won't repurchase this.
  • Estée Lauder perfectionist CP serum: I bought this after reading good reviews of it and chose this one over the advanced night repair as this one contains more antioxidants - and I really like it, I already have a next bottle in my closset!
  • Mylène nutricare hair mask: I recently did a review on this one and sadly I've already finished it. The jar is so tiny at 50ml but the mask gives a great soft and manageable effect, I will definitely repurchase this to use occassionally when my hair needs a boost.
Onto the right picture:
    • Paula's Choice skin recovery toner: again, another Paula's Choice toner, I enjoyed this one more than the previous one. It's quite rich and very suited for winter, but once again 177ml isn't that much for a toner... Make bigger & cheaper bottles Paula!
    • Avon Naturals strawberry guava shower gel: yes, finally I've finished another shower gel... My bathroom is filled with shower gels to get me through the next years but it seems to take forever to empty one, you know? I enjoyed the sweet scent of this one, but won't repurchase it as it was just ok.

    A whole bunch indeed and a lot of Paula's Choice products... A few of these finished ones are definitely among my HG's and favorites!


    Meryem said...

    I feel same about this bioderma, this why i start using the lotion and it's spf 100! Really gud for sunny days!

    Evelien said...

    Yes, I prefer lotions as well now :)

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