Thursday, 11 August 2011

Product Praise A'Squirrel Blending brush

A little while ago I began browsing around for softer than soft brushes - my skin is so sensitive & I just love luxury - so when I ran into this blog I couldn't help but order some A'Squirrel ones as you could see here. Squirrel hair features the softest brushes, my SUQQU cheek brush is also made of squirrel hair and it's just divine... Curious to my thoughts of this eye blending brush? *click on any picture to enlarge them for a better/detailed view*
This all pure squirrel large eye makeup brush or eye makeup blender is a favorite among makeup artists. The tip comes to a gradual point, similar to the trish mcevoy's 'windshield-wiper' crease eye makeup brush! This is the best makeup brush for your eye makeup as it will help you achieve the smoky eyes effortlessly. It is so versatile and would end up being your favorite eyeshadow brush ever! 100% Squirrel Brush is best for applying makeup around the delicate area of the eyes. No pulling! Less Wrinkle!! Feels like brushing with air...hence the term 'air brush'! :)

Hair Type : All Pure Squirrel                  Ferrule : Black Anodized Aluminium
Handle : Black Wood Handle                                             Hair Length : 18mm
Ferrule Opening : 28mm                                                Ferrule Length: 40mm
Total Handle Length : 168mm (6 3/4 inches)                                                       

First up: even though this brush is made of pure squirrel hair it doesn't come with a hefty price tag, it's available at 13.9$ and the shipping fee is reasonable too. It has a long light small handle, lighter and smaller compared to Sigma/MAC blending brush. The ferrule looks a bit cheap but has been solidly glued together.

The brush is very fluffy and a bit tapered as well. It's fuller than the 224 where the 224 is wider. It's so soft and yet dense at the same time. When washing it I'm glad I have my brush guard to help it, as a few hairs tend to stick out. I mainly use it for blending eyeshadow, which it does a perfect job at. But you can also use it for highlight application, a sheer crease application and so on... Here you can see a comparison between the A'Squirrel - Sigma 224 - Sigma 217.

The goods: soft - soft - soft, easy at blending, price, dries easily, no hair loss

The bads: quality could be much better (handle, ferrule), a few hairs tend to stick out after washing/drying

Overall, I enjoy this brush a lot. It's ubersoft and perfect for blending - exactly what I expected from it. It's a bit disappointing that it isn't all quality but for such a price you cannot expect to have everything. Bottom line: a lovely brush for a lovely price, you should get it!


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