Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tricky commercials - be gone!

Photoshopping & misleading commercials, it's something that we face everyday but aren't always fully aware of. Every add and every photo has had something done. So they always look perfect with perfect skin, perfect lips, perfect brows, perfect bodies - you don't catch them with a pimple, dry spot or anything...

Great Brittain decided that Lancôme had pushed it one edge too far in their "Teint Miracle" commercial. Julia Robberts has been airbrushed too much making her appearance misleading to the crowd. And as they can't prove how much has been done to this add - they banned it.

Personally I'm a big supporter of this. Off course by looking at the add you just know it has been photoshopped, she does have a few wrinkles which is only normal for her age. I don't like to twist the truth, if you have a good product - the results will be visible in the campaign without too much aide of photoshop.

What are your thoughts on it?


Yu said...

I don't get why they've banned this one but not all the other ones that are so obvious its photoshopped? Maybe cuz I haven't seen the bigger sizes!

Evelien said...

Yes, it's a bit weird choosing only this one but at least it's a start... I haven't seen the big on either, will keep an eye out for it as it's not banned over here!

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