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Review Paula's Choice Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner

Over the last few months I've purchased some Paula's Choice products, fullsize / samples, and told you about my experiences. Today is a product of her new line called Resist, which is intented for aging skin to fight wrinkles etc - you can see the promises below. I've used it for 2-3 months and my thoughts are...

RESIST Advanced Replenishing Toner is our most state-of-the-art toner. Everything about it is designed to provide superior benefits to aging skin. From the first application your skin is smoother, softer, and visibly radiant. See redness and signs of irritation vanish, and with ongoing use, you will see fewer wrinkles and a beautifully healthy skin tone.

The second step in your RESIST antiaging skin-care routine Unlike any other toner you may have experienced Antioxidant-rich formula nourishes your skin with its rich, milky texture Helps restore and protect your skin’s healthy barrier function Leaves your skin feeling unbelievably silky with a gorgeous glow Restores essential elements aging skin needs to produce healthy collagen and reduce wrinkles Instantly calms your skin and reduces redness Works beautifully to remove last traces of makeup Formulated for all skin types but best for normal to very dry skin pH 5.5–6.0

I like the packaging, a lot more than her other packaging. This one looks more luxurious, I like the blue and the grey. The bottle contains 118ml and costs 21,5euros - which is a lot in my opinion. For reference, my previous Estee Lauder toner costed around 50euros and was 250ml. Paula claims that her products aren't expensive and has labeled this Estee Lauder toner as expensive on her reviewsite, but in comparison her toner is as expensive as the EL one. Being honest much?

You can turn the cap easily off and I put a little bit of the toner on a cotton pad, then sweep it gentle on my face. The texture is thicker than other tones I've used in the past but not as thick as a lotion, there's no scent to it since there's no fragrance in it. I can feel it being hydrating on my skin and it leaves a little glow *love*, therefor it's more suited for normal to dry skins. I've used it for several months and not once has this toner irritated my skin in any way, lovely! I have a few fine dry lines and with continued use of this toner they didn't become less than before, but I kinda knew this promise would go unfulfilled. The toner also claims to reduce redness, which I didn't notice. If my skin was a bit red / irritated this toner didn't take the colour away but on the other hand it didn't make it worse either, I did feel it worked calming on my skin.

The goods: no fragrance, doesn't irritate, hydrating, leaves a glow

The bads: expensive, doesn't reduce wrinkles, doesn't reduce redness

Overall I think this is a good product, the goods make up for the bads. I've enjoyed using it and may repurchase it in the future. I just wish she would release a bigger version of this toner, a 250 or 300ml with a better pricing. If used daily or twice a day, 118ml doesn't last that long. Don't expect wonders from this product, it won't fade your wrinkles - nothing can - but it does have good ingredients in it to prevent future damage and that's what's important!


Phil said...

Toners met anti aging claims zijn allemaal weggegooid geld. Het enige waarvoor ze kunnen dienen is de restjes makeup/cleanser/zonneproducten te verwijderen en de pH balans herstellen.
Als je een toner wilt gebruiken voor het frisse gevoel ervan, kan ik je de garnier fresh (de groene) aanraden. Dat is pas waar voor je geld qua hoeveelheid en resultaat.

BeautyLoves said...

Haha, ik had het eerst niet door van de prijs. Ik dacht: alé, dat is toch gewoon dubbel zoveel product en dubbele prijs voor die van EL? Maar je hebt gelijk, eerst de prijs van een ander product afbreken en dan het eigen product even duur maken, dat is er een beetje over :)
Mijn favoriete toner is Chanel Lotion Confort, da's helemaal niet goedkoop, maar ik vind het wel de fijnste toner die ik al gehad heb (met de lekkerste geur!).
Als budgetoptie wil ik die van Garnier ook wel eens proberen, je weet maar nooit!

Evelien said...

Bedankt voor de tip Phil, kzal m eens opzoeken maar als er parfum in zit zal m mij wel irriteren. Dat is mn probleem met toners vaak, ze willen 'm te lekker laten ruiken. Ik zoek niet naar anti-aging hoor, ik wou deze gewoon eens proberen!

Beautyloves: ja, daar kan ik niet tegen als mensen zo doen. Het probleem met Chanel en mij is hun parfum. Het ruikt inderdaad lekker, maar meestal irriteert het me. Ik zal eens een proefje proberen te vragen :). En zolang dat jij m fijn vindt doet de prijs er niet toe. Als ik iets graag gebruik en het doet zn ding heb ik er het geld voor over - ale, in de mate van het redelijke natuurlijk ;)

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