Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Product Praise Louis Widmer Deo Spray

Deodorants and likings don't usually bother me that much and mostly I just use what I think smells nice & fresh. That was untill I ran into this review about this spray, noticing my problem of clothes turning yellow and textures of clothing changing due to my summer sweat... If this spray would get rid of that, bring it on. So on my next visit to the apothecary I bought a bottle and opted for the spray (they also have a stick, cream and roller available).
The packaging is sleek & simple. Louis Widmer always has the white/pink theme going on. The bottle itself is white plastic with a dop on it that covers a spray. The spray contains 75ml and has a price of 10euros. I've been using it for half a year now and I'm almost out of it, my deodorants always seem to last me a long time. Mostly because I don't spray it everywhere on my body: you know those people that just spray and spray it on, with an overdose smelling awfull? I just use 1-2 sprays on my armpits and then I'm good to go.
Aluminium chlorohydrate reduces excessive perspiration. In addition, the products contain bacteriostatic substances with a broad spectrum which are dermatologically and allergologically safe. Triclosan has bacteriostatic properties. Chitosan contained in Deo Roll-on is a marine deodorizing agent and care factor in one. The mild bases ensure excellent tolerance even by very sensitive skin. The products are well-tolerated, even by irritated skin in the axillary region. Deo spray of 75ml.
What I love about this spray are its ingredients. It doesn't contain any harmfull alcohol and you also have the choice of buying one that contains perfume or doesn't - a big plus for very sensitive skins (this whole no-perfume thing is used in a lot of Louis Widmer products). I opted for the one with perfume as I like it to have a bit of a nice scent. The spray is convenient, just take the dop off and it's ready for usage. It distributes enough product and leaves my skin refreshed. It has a very light fresh scent, just enough but not too much to overwhelm your perfume. It dries quickly on the skin and even after shaving it doesn't irritate. The results of this spray indeed meet its claim: my clothing remains perfect and I have no yellow spots appearing or changing textures. I've also noticed I've been sweating less.
The goods: sleek packaging, ingredients, nice scent, less sweating, no yellow spots on clothing or changing textures, can be used by sensitive skin

The bads: price

Overall I've been loving this product so much.  It's indeed more expensive than other deodorants but it's totally worth it. All my previous deodorant problems are gone, this one is just perfect and finally fulfills its claims! I will continue to buy this again & again, although I might try the stick or roller in the future...


Phil said...

Graag gedaan ;)
Ik vind de prijs enorm goed meevallen, want je moet zoveel minder gebruiken dan bij gewone deo. Als die aerosols geen gas meer hebben is het gedaan, hier kan je de laatste druppel opgebruiken!
De roller is exact hetzelfde product & resultaat maar dan met zo een bal.

Evelien said...

Ja, dat is wel in verhouding. Ik kom sowieso wel even toe met deo's. Persoonlijk hou ik niet van die gasdeo's, die gaan inderdaad niet lang mee. In de winter ga ik toch de andere eens proberen, de stick waarschijnlijk :)

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