Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Review GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliner in Truly Brown

GOSH is one of those brands which I'm not keen on & never will be... A lot of their products are rubbish and just don't work the way they should like their eyeshadow, primers, brushes... But however they do have a few good products with one of them being their eyeliner - it surely deserves a review as I enjoy using it a lot!
GOSH VELVET TOUCH EYELINER belongs to a new generation of semi-permanent make-up. It does not smudge. It is 100% waterproof, long lasting, and resists almost anything. It has excellent coverage and a smooth, soft quality. GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner is soft and easy to apply. It contains vitamin-E and Jojoba Oil to care for your delicate skin, however it does not contain animal or mineral oils. It is also fragrance-free to prevent allergic reactions.

INSIDER TIP: It can easily be spread out with a brush or an applicator immediately after applying, but once it sets it will not come off or smudge. Warning: May not be used on the moist edge inside the lower lashes. Must be removed with waterproof eye-makeup remover.
This eyeliner is available in a great range of colours, which is enjoyable for a drugstore brand and are priced between 6-7euros. I opted for the colour "Truly Brown" as I'm a big fan of brown liners. Black often looks too harsh on me, whereas brown can be subtle and more suitable for romantic daytime looks. The liner comes with a dop, easy to take off - just make sure you don't lose it!
The pen is indeed very smooth and applies easily, like a dream. After one stroke you already have a good coverage and an intense colour. Personally I love this colour, it's not your typical brown... Most brown pens have a red undertone in them, this one does not - it's very neutral (I used the pen in this EOTD). GOSH claims this pen is 100% waterproof but it is not, sure - you'll be fine in the rain for minutes but I wouldn't go swimming with it... The colour can be spread out or left as a line, that's personal preference. A tiny disadvantage is that because of its softness, then pen needs regular sharpening which means you'll be going through the product a bit faster. At the end of the day the liner is still there and hasn't been smudged, just the way I want it to be! And in case you're wondering it didn't irritate my eyes at all.

The goods: lovely colour & a wide range of colours, stays put, good price, doesn't smudge, doesn't irritate, soft pen, smooth easy application

The bads: is not 100% waterproof, needs regular sharpening

To sum it up, I consider this to be one of GOSH's star products... There are a few minor discomforts with this eyeliner but nothing too serious. I regularly use mine & will definitely repurchase a few more colours in the future - most likely when they hit sale! If you're looking for a good soft smooth liner, look into this one and you won't be disappointed!


BeautyLoves said...

Hun gewone Velvet Touch eyeliners heb ik ook gehad en die vond ik best goed, en gebruikte ik wel op mijn waterlijn. Voor de rest heb ik niet echt Gosh-liefdes...

Evelien said...

Nee, ik ook niet hoor. Met mn lenzen kan ik amper iets doen op mn waterlijn dus ik probeer het zelfs niet :) anders zie ik toch niet goed haha.

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