Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brushes storage & Bobbi Brown

As I told you last week I've been waiting on my new cup to store my brushes and yes, it finally arrived (after a 2 weeks wait, slow shipping but it DID arrive). It's a gorgeous black and looks so luxurious. The leather is probably faux - I'm no expert in that department - but it looks very nice. Here's a little before and after shot for my daily used brushes:
And here is it seen from the top. As I stated before, what attracked me most in this cup is the different heights. I enjoy it more when I can easily reach for all my brushes and don't have to grab into the glass to get one. Point of negative is that you can't store a lot of brushes in it because of the divider. Overall, I'm enjoying my new purchase: convenient, luxurious, not too expensive - what more could I ask for!
Do you have a brush cup like this one with different heights or do you plan on getting a new one?


Eva said...

Hij ziet er echt wel mooi en superhandig uit! :)

Evelien said...

Helemaal waar, ben er echt blij mee!

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