Monday, 8 August 2011

Brushes & storage

I'm always curious to check on blogs how other people store their brushes... Most of them, like me, use glasses. I have 3 glasses normally: 2 filled with used brushes and 1 with clean brushes. But the problem with glasses is that the smaller brushes like eyeshadow and such (depending on brand or travel ones) don't always reach the top of the glass - annoying for getting the brush out of the glass and it's also less hygienic. So whilst I was browsing around for a new way to store them I ran into this lovely holder:
Where did I found it? On ebay I did. It's called the Bobbi Brown cup holder and is offered by many sellers - don't know whether it's faux or not, don't really care, I'm just interested in the design and cup itself. What I immediately loved about this cup is the twosectioned area. One is deeper than the other, perfect for those smaller brushes. So yes, guessed right - I ordered one for around 13euros I believe but I'm still awaiting its arrival... Let's hope I love it! Either way, you'll hear about it.
How do you store your brushes and how do you deal with the smaller ones?

**Pic courtesy go to the ebay seller**


BeautyLoves said...

Ik heb glazen Ikea-houdertjes. Daar komen al mijn kwasten boven, dus dat lukt best goed! Vroeger had ik glazen vaasjes en die waren voor sommige borstels wel iets te groot.

Eva's beautyblog said...

Ooh, die is echt superleuk!
Me wants!! :D

Evelien said...

Ah, ik zal volgende keer ook iets beter in de Ikea browsen dan!

Ja hij ziet er super uit, nog altijd niet ontvangen echter... :(

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