Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Product Praise Paula's Choice Skin recovery hydrating treatment mask

Over the last half year I've purchased quite a lot of products from Paula's Choice and some of them have become a big favourite of mine whilst others aren't worth the repurchase, you can check my other reviews here. Today I'm going to talk about -probably- my most beloved product from her and that's her moisturizing mask.

Drench your skin in this lush, emollient-rich moisture treatment for an incredibly soft and radiant feel. This unique blend of rich plant oils, plant- and vitamin-based antioxidants, and essential fatty acids and lipids give dry skin just what it needs to replenish itself. Can be used as a mask or an intense moisturizer.
Reduces inflammation and irritation
Rinses easily from the skin
100% fragrance-free
No coloring agents
Available at 16,15euro through her webshop.

The packaging is very simple and basic. It's a tube and you can screw the top off. Each of Paula's products comes with a seal, which I like because of hygiene and preserving ingredients. None of her products contain fragrance and are animal-cruelty-free. The product is creamy and quite thick but spreads out easily and feels surprisingly light on the skin. It doesn't leave you with that heavy feeling thick moisturizers often give. At first the product feels a bit sticky on your skin, like masks always do, but after a few minutes it sinks in and you're ready to go to bed... It has no scent at all, which doesn't disturb me. I've used this versatile product as a mask and as a moisturizer, but mostly I use it as my nighttime moisturizer. My skin loves it and feels/looks incredible soft afterwards. If your skin is in need for hydration this gives a good boost. It doesn't irritate my skin, again a big plus. I've also used when my skin was a bit red and it instantly soothes it and reduces the redness. On top of that this product also has a nice pricing at 16euros for 120ml.

The goods: packaging, no fragrance, thick creamy texture, hydrating, non-irritating, reduces redness, versatile (moisturizer/mask), price

The bads: can be a bit sticky, only available online

I love this product, it's a must-have for dry skin and has really helped getting my skin through winter. I'm already on my second tube and will continue to buy this over and over. There are so many good points to this mask that the bads are hardly worth mentioning, if your skin needs hydration - try this and you won't be disappointed. Great quality for a great price...


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