Friday, 26 August 2011

City shopping haul

Today I have a mix-match of some shopping that I did over the last few weeks while browsing town - working in the middle of a city with access to most brands isn't the best thing for your wallet you know!
I picked up 2 things by Tweezerman. Now, you know how much I love my tweezer check this & this. So when I couldn't find my regular nail clipper anywhere, I decided to buy one of this brand at 4euros - not too expensive. I also bought a brow shaping brush, as it was on sale and only costed a few euros. Both products are available in IciParisXL in Belgium & various other stores in Europe/rest of the world.
Kruidvat was having a sale at 25% so I snatched a few polishes. Three from the Essence limited collection "Ballerina Backstage": 'Dance the swan lake', 'Wear your little tutu', 'Grand plie in black' and one from the Catrice limited collection "Modern Muse" called 'Khaki Perry'.

Sadly enough "Wear your little tutu' is no more. I decided to move the polishes from my table to my desk -which is 1m- but apparantly it was one polish too much. It hit the ground and broke into two, leaving me with a lot of mess to clean up... I'm going to check the store whether there's another copy but I thought it was the last one. Anyway, luckily I already have a lot of pinky polishes and it wasn't very expensive (around 1,5euros).
And lastly a visit to the Rituals shop as they were also having a sale. I picked up a Sunrise scrub (orange) and a Summer rain shower gel (peony, lotus - honestly I do not need any, but it was a bargain and I couldn't resist) & also two of their luxurous liquid soaps called Imagine (rice milk, cherry blossom) & Infinity (orange, mint).

What were you recent purchases?


Anne said...

je hebt leuke spulletjes gekocht!

BeautyLoves said...

Dat wenkbrauwborsteltje lijkt me wel wat! En love Rituals! Ik zag dat ze een aanbieding hadden, maar ben niet binnengelopen uit zelfbescherming, haha!

Evelien said...

Bedankt Anne!

Zelfbescherming is soms noodzakelijk!!

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