Saturday, 26 February 2011

Last Sigma hauling

Yesterday's post has arrived... en retard. Two days ago I received my Sigma packaging, containing the remaining brushes I wanted, I immediately took pictures of them but forgot to upload. I've talked about Sigma brushes before and some of their brushes are really good, while others are totally not... Check my thoughts on them here. Now let's peek at my new items!!

Sigma is good in packaging and providing information. All the brushes come in a lovely bag with an information guide as when to use which brush. If you order for more than 40$ you get a free gift, which is the travel size E25, I now have two of them, it's a very convenient brush...

First up I ordered the Sigmax line, ever since they were released in October I've been wanting them. I already bought the F80 in the past, review, as it was released sooner, and am still really fond of it so it would only make sense that I would like these other brushes as well. I bought the set, so I would have another copy of the F80, because when cleaned with shampoo it takes quite some time to dry. This way I can alternate between my two copies.

And lastly a mixmatch of different brushes:
*E05 eyeliner: I don't have an eyeliner brush just yet, so I'd figure I would start with a cheaper version...
*E70 and E60 shading: both related to the E55 shading brush that I already own and love
*E50 large fluff: no particular reason why I bought this, it just looked fluffy and I wanted it as I don't have a brush like it...

Off course reviews of these brushes will follow in the future, I sincerely hope they wind up in the love-department of Sigma. Now I have enough Sigma brushes, I only have a few MAC and Shu Uemura ones on my listing but these babies are at a higher cost....

Which is your favourite brush ever??


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik denk dat ik niet meer zonder mijn MAC 239 zou kunnen.
Ik heb deze F80 trouwens ook net binnen, ben heel benieuwd! Ga hem zometeen voor de eerste keer gebruiken, spannend! :)

PinkFairy said...

Sigma heeft altijd goede kwasten. Goede aankopen :)

Evelien said...

Hopelijk vind je 'm even leuk als mij :). J

a, de meesten van hun zijn wel goed, maar ik heb een gevoelige huid en vind al snel kwasten te stekelig haha.

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