Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Review Becca Eye Tint Baroque

Becca is one of those "under the radar brands" that not many know about, but do offer great quality and should be more acknowledged. I first heard of the brand from Lisa Eldridge in this video, where she discusses everyday makeup and uses the eye tint. Sadly enough Becca isn't available where I live, but a few months after having watched the video, I paid a visit to London and had a look at their range. I immediately fell in love with a few of their products, I bought the Eye Tint as that one was on top of my list.

An ingenious eye crème with a unique formulation that glides on as a crème and sets to a powder. This long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-resistant tint is easy to apply, offering adjustable levels of sheer to high pigment colour. Can be layered under powder eye colours and loose pigments for added intensity. Can be applied with fingers or a brush. Streak-free.

Colour Descriptions: Baroque: mushroom beige, Gilt: dark golden bronze with subtle sparkle, Vicuna - soft apricot gold, Paracus - dark brown gray, Pewter - rich gray black

I like the packaging, it looks simple but sophisticated at the same time. It comes in a tube, which is very hygienic and easy in usage (I don't like jar creamshadows). The ingredients are also very interesting: it doesn't contain perfume, there are silicones in it to smoothen your skin around the eye area and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Apart from that it's also water-proof.

You have to squeeze the tube really gentle, otherwise you get too much product. I squeezed a good dot onto my hand and next to my pale skin it looks a very dark brown. It's creamy and has in comparison the same texture as a regular cream. When spreading it the brown becomes lighter and leaves a visible warm tone, if you look closely you can also see some shimmer in it.

left: regular lighting - right: with flash

When you're finished spreading it, it leaves a goldenbrownish glow that looks very subtle and has a more satin finish (keep in mind that on darker skin tones the colour will blend more in your own skin tone). Depending on the lighting the colour varies a bit. The product is easy in usage, spreads and blends easily. Just be carefull you don't use too much in the beginning, that was my problem. It doesn't crease and stays put all day. The tiny downside to this is its price, I paid 17£ for it, which is about 20-25euros, but according to me it was totally worth it. I often use this when I'm not in the mood or don't have time to put on regular eyeshadow and honestly, with a bit of inner corner lighting - this looks just as good!!

The goods: easy in usage, no creasing, nice glowing colour, decent ingredients

The bads: price?!, less noticeable on darker skin tones

Becca also offers this product in other colours and I might purchase a few of them in the future. I don't mind the price tag, you get a good amount of product for it in return and a little goes a long way, I've been using mine for months and it's still quite full. I just wish they a counter in my country. A very nice product, that I recommend to try and buy...


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ziet er een handig product uit! Doet mij ook een beetje denken aan de paint pots en paints van MAC.
Ik heb het Lisa Eldridge ook al horen zeggen, maar ik kende het merk ook nog niet.

Evelien said...

Ja, daar lijkt het sterk op maar ik heb geen paintpot dus kan het niet zo vergelijken... Ik ga zeker nog zaken van het merk proberen, ben er erg benieuwd naar.

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