Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Budget review Etos Douche Goij Berry Cupuazu

When I was in the Netherlands I ran into Etos, a drugstore, and noticed they had a promotion going on on their own line so I bought a couple of things to try, including this scrub. My pet peeve is shower gels so I try to work around it and lately I've been buying more scrubs - which is something totally different off course-! In sale this costed me 3euros for 200ml, if I recall correct, it wasn't much.

This scrub takes care of dead skin cells and cleanses your skin. The Goij Berry's origin is in China, it's rich in vitamines and minerals to help condition and protect the skin. The Cupuazu's origin is in Brasil, it's rich in vitamines and lipides to work calming and hydrating on the skin.

The packaging is a pink tube - I like pink - and looks very neat. The ingredients look ok, although it contains paraben on the lower part of the list. When opening the top, you immediately smell the sweet scent of this scrub, due to the berry in it. I enjoy this scent, but for some it may be a bit too much... The scrub is a very light pink with dark spickles in it, probably from the berry, to make it scrubable. It's a crème says the tube and this is really true: the product is thick and creamy. It states that you should use it on wet skin, but I found this didn't work that well - it glid on my skin without actually scrubbing it. When using it on dry skin however, it scrubs easily and leaves your skin very soft. Afterwards you can just wash it off.

The goods: sweet scent, good price

The bads: easily tired of scent, not the best scrub

Overall, I'm finishing this product and it's not bad but it's not that good either. It's quite annoying that it doesn't work well on wet skin. I like to use my scrubs while I'm in bath and not before hopping into it. I liked the scent in the beginning but lately I've grown a bit tired of it, maybe it's a bit too much for me as well. An ok product but not that special after all... Etos, you can do better!!


PinkFairy said...

Jammer dat ie zn werk niet zo goed doet... die geur lijkt me heerlijk :)

Evelien said...

Is altijd spijtig :(

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