Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Review Diorshow Iconic mascara

Dior... for me one of the more luxurious brands that I always keep lemming on, but don't buy often. Most of the time there are cheaper and just as good alternatives, but girls will be girls and Dior has that sparkle to it which we can't resist. After a workshop in IciParis I got this sample mascara in black, the Diorshow Iconic, and I was able to use it a couple of months even though it's so tiny...

High Definition Lash Curling Mascara
A Dior exclusive innovation: a revolutionary oblique brush. The incredibly soft elastomer brush features slanted bristles to capture each lash one by one. Enriched with a unique lifting formula, Diorshow Iconic sculpts, stretches and curls the lashes with extreme hold and high definition.

The brush is indeed quite innovative and has many bristles that are close to each other, yet still seperated. When taking the brush out, there aren't any chunks on it and it's ready to use...

my lashes without anything on them

my lashes on the left with one layer, on the right 2 layers and one underneath

The mascara applies easily and seperates lashes without any trouble or without any clogging. Even after 2-3 layers still no clogging and your lashes look perfect. Compared to other mascaras I often have problems with the second or third layer, results are spider legs. That's not the case with this one, the result stays natural. The claims are surely true: this mascara gives you a nice curl (I didn't use a curler) and a beautifull length. It doesn't give a lot of volume, but that's not the goal of this mascara.


The goods: no clogging, natural effect, applies easily, gives length & curl

The bads: high price, effect may be too natural for some girls

This is a mascara I like, or should I say love? I like mascaras with a natural effect, but this isn't the case for everyone. If you're more a dramatic person, you won't like this mascara. Diorshow Iconic has everything I desire from a mascara, apart from the price. It costs about 25euros, which is -to me- too expensive for a mascara. After 3 months mascara begins to chunk and you should throw it away (I do, because I wear contacts and hygiene is a big deal to me), so that's 8euros/a month. In this case the effect of the mascara doesn't justify the price, I'm sure there are likewise alternatives out there... and I'm destined to find them!!


Jennifer said...

this mascara smudged so badly on me :( and it didn't hold my curls :/ it gives you the natural effect though

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ziet er mooi uit op jouw wimpers!
Niets voor mij, want ik wil volume, haha! (of eerder: ik heb volume echt nodig, want mijn wimpers zijn veel te dun op zichzelf)

PinkFairy said...

Ik heb deze ook gehad en hij is idd heel fijn. Mooie wimpers heb je ermee :)

Evelien said...

That's sad to hear Jennifer, especially when you spend your money on it. Weird how a mascara can be so different for 2 persons.

Perfectly: ah dan moet je deze skippen, nu gebruik ik er ook één die meer volume heeft van avon - ik wissel graag af tussen volume en lengte zolang het maar niet té is

Pinkfairy: leuk dat je er hetzelfde over denkt en bedankt voor het compliment :) welke gebruik jij nu?

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