Friday, 11 February 2011

Budget Review Avon Naturals cucumber & melon deodorant

Everyone has their own type of deodorant: some like sprays, other sticks and other others roll-ons. Myself, I'm a roll-on kind of girl. I've tried them all in the past but sprays were often too drying or irritating on me, sticks I find repulsive so I'm left with this last option and this is the one I like. Roll-ons are sparing, as they often last me a couple of months and they don't irritate my skin. They are refreshing enough and preserve the scent very well. The last month I've been using this new one by Avon:

Stay cool as a cucumber with this 24 hour deoderant*. The non-staining, non-stinging formula, containing cucumber and melon extracts, glides on smoothly, helps to stop odour and helps eliminate perspiration all day. 50ml

Honestly, I bought it because it was low priced and I'm always in for budget items... I paid 2euros for it and got the scent "cucumber & melon", another scent "lavender" is also available, a scent I totally dislike but my mum for instance loves it. The scent is a bit vegetable-like and fresh at the same time, I feel quite "green" while using it. It glides on easily, doesn't irritate and works a bit moisturizing. I can't really comment on how well it works on the sweating part, since it's winter but I'm guessing it will be average - as usual. I didn't notice any stains on my clothes, so another plus. Tiny downside was opening the product for the first time: the top was also wrapped with plastic and I couldn't get it open, luckily after some severe trying my boyfriend managed to open it - you know he would never let it pass that he could NOT open a beauty product. I'd never imagined I would ask him to open one for me...

The goods: fresh scent, low price, non-irritating, no stains

The bads: opening it :)

I will enjoy using this roll-on as I like the scent of it. I hardly ever repurchase a deodorant because there are so many out there and I like to switch since I only use about 3 roll-ons a year. But if you're looking for a cheap and decent one, this deserves a shot...


G A B Y said...

I hate roll-on dedodorants, they seem to take a while before drying )=

Evelien said...

They dry very quick on me though, funny how we feel so different about items sometimes :)

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