Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Angry @ blogspot

I'm a bit upset at this moment of writing because I was working on some reviews for the last hours, saved them and wanted to publish them but then I got errors and when I returned to my reviews most of my text was just gone...

I'm going to bed now, I'll try and rewrite them some time soon so you'll be able to enjoy them!!



eye lift said...

I want to take advice that control your emotions and stop getting anger. Sometimes it could be happened. I don't know what is exactly happened with you. But after all it is just stupid machine and it can not understand your emotions.

Evelien said...

I'm not angry like that, I said I was upset about it but I won't be tearing things down or anything like that, I'm quite the calm person. Maybe the word "angry" was a bit too strong...

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