Monday, 16 August 2010

Product Praise: Sigma Brush F80

A while ago I ordered some Sigma brushes and by now I've used/washed them enough to write my thoughts on them. I'm the kind of person who likes to test a product a lot before writing an article on it, that's why it took me so long :). I wanted to do a seperate article on the F80 because I love it so much and why I do...

The brush itself is a flat synthetic kabuki with a mediumlong to short handle. I really like this, I'm not a fan of very long handles - don't find them practical, this one - perfect! The bristles are really soft and yet solid. I have sensitive skin and these bristles don't sting me - which has happened to me with other brushes before.

Sigma says: This exclusive flat top synthetic kabuki was designed to deliver a flawless makeup application. The Sigma Makeup F80 is a buffer brush that can be used to blend powder or liquid products. The short and dense bristles make it easy to buff your liquid foundation. The long handle adds comfort to your makeup application. The synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid products and can be easily cleaned

I use this brush as my foundation applicator. I put some foundation on my hand, dab the brush into it, dab it onto my face and afterwards finish with circular motions (note: this will leave you with a streakless applied foundation no matter how messy you are). If you look at the top of the brush you'll notice that my application is visible: the centerpart shows my foundation a lot and the sides show it lightly - from the circular motions. Let's look at it a bit deeper into the top:

The problem with most foundation brushes is that they soak up your product in the entire brush. This is not the case with the F80. Looking into the bristles you see that only the top and centre part contains foundations. Deep bristles and sides are left clean. Because the bristles are so dense you get this effect and I love it, I hate wasting product. This also makes cleaning easier. I've washed this brush a couple of times and shedding is really minimal, an occasional bristle but not much. The bristles stay close together when drying (I use the Brush Guard). Only downside: it doesn't dry really fast because it's so thick, keep that in mind.

I recommend this brush to everyone, it's my favourite foundation brush, I don't use my other ones anymore (my sad Shu Uemura just lays there). Buy it online through Sigma for 16$.

Note: this product was purchased by me, I didn't get it send!


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