Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tips n Tricks: how to rock tubes

Today just a quick post, but also an important one. Regarding skin care items I'm a huge fan of pumps and tubes (jars are so unhygienic and such), but mostly tubes because they offer the best value for money. When I was little my mum always said to me that after having used a tube it's best to cut it because there still was a lot of product in it. Initially I didn't believe her but after seeing so for myself I adapted and have been doing the same, if I like the product.

With scissors and a spatula, here's how I do it: I usually cut the tube in 3 parts because it's easier to reach and get the product out of it. I take a tiny jar that closes well enough and put the product in it. I've used my Avon Eye Cream 15ml for this article and let's have a look at how much product was left behind - it was impossible to get it out of it while the tube was whole, I tried shaking, squeezing, it was empty -but not empty enough:

This amount of product gives me about 1 or 2 more weeks usage out of this tube, I don't mind using my scissors for that you know. The larger the tube, the more product gets left behind. It's worth cutting it girls...


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Yes! Ik doe dat ook, haha! Alles eruit halen... :D

Gaby ☠ said...

I always do this, it's totally worth it (=

Evelien said...

Good girls! ;) Indeed it's worth it.

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