Thursday, 7 October 2010

Love blogsales? Check this!

On Tuesday I started my blogsale, thanks to everyone who purchased something by the way, there are still items left. I might do a giveaway with some of the things that weren't sold :)

Anyway, that day I also received a mail from Steven who keeps a blog and lists all blogsales divided into subjects, shipping, location etc... saying I was listed too.

If you like blogsales check his link here. I've already browsed it and liked a lot of items, I just bought a blush from Benefit through it. Being an early bird is necessary on those sales, enjoy girls!


Anonymous said...

Ik heb je even vermeld/gelinkt op mijn blog in mijn 'shoplog' artikel waarin ik de spulletjes toon die ik van je heb overgekocht. Ik heb ze vandaag binnen gekregen en ben er erg blij mee, bedankt voor de staaltjes ook ^^.

Evelien said...

Oh wat lief van je :) bedankt!

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