Thursday, 30 September 2010

Budget Review Avon Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream SPF 15

Let's face it, I'm a sunscreen freak. I'm always on the lookout for decent SPF products to use in the morning - sidenote: doing a post on this soon. But be carefull girls, some products claim to have an SPF but often lack the proper ingredients to it. I always look into this, never believe their claims without checking it yourself.

A few months ago whilst browsing one of my Avon catologues, I bumped into this *organic* eye SPF product. Let me start by saying it is really hard to find a decent SPF eye cream, there are only a few on the market. Why beats me, there is a market for this but no one is hopping on the eye SPF wagon for some reason. The sun is our enemy when it comes to wrinkling so it's really important to take care of your eye area where wrinkles are easily formed as our skin is thinner there. You can say, no worries I use my regular sunscreen on my eye area - you could do that but I often find them irritating (I also wear contacts). Hence my reason for looking for a seperate cream. This one costed me 5euros for 15ml, a great budget price. Product is only available through Avon online shops or a representative.

In just 2 weeks, see the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles diminish. With active plant botanicals, our rich formula absorbs quickly, helping to retexturize the delicate under-eye area. .5 fl. oz. Discover nature's secret to revitalized eyes. Discover the beauty of botanicals. Our exclusive Plant Essence Technology™ captures the antural goodness of botanicals to deliver the richest infusions of plant nutrients directly to your skin.Plant Essence Technology™These potent formulas, enriched with powerful botanicals, are clinically and dermatologically tested and preservative-free.

The eye cream has been put in a simple tube with some leaf decorating to support the organic part of it. This is already positive, I hate jars. Squeezing the tube can be a bit tricky to get the proper amount, but I got the hang of it fast.

The cream is more like a lotion, very thin, but it spreads out easily. The scent reminds me most of plants and the garden but is not too strong.

My results: I've used this cream for a few months, only in the morning. I have dry skin, also around my eye area and I needed quite a lot of product to get it moisturized enough to my likings - I expected it to be more nourishing. On a positive note, this cream isn't greasy and even if you use a lot, it still absorbs quickly. Applying make-up a few minutes later is no problem at all. I wear contacts and some eye creams can be irritating, but not this one. This product contains an SPF of 15, in order to reach this number you need a decent amount of it, keep that in mind. The ingredients aren't listed on the tube, but I was able to find them online and I can safely say it has the proper active ingredients to make it SPF-reliable. This product also claims to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I have a few fine lines popping up but they are still as present as before, this claim hasn't been fullfilled.

Overall this is a very good SPF budget product to use in the morning, recommended if you have normal skin around your eye area. This is a basic eye cream, don't expect wonders from it concerning wrinkles or dark circles - not for this amount of money.


Gaby said...

I haven't heard about this product before, but it definitely looks interesting! I love natural/organic products, and Avon products are great for the most part (=

Evelien said...

It's not always in their catalogues but it's on the website available. I haven't tried much of Avon skincare because they mostly offer jars, but this is a good product. Avon basically always is hit and miss ;).

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